Thursday, September 30, 2010

WIN an HP ePrinter

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Well, Snappy September was one hell of a month. Putting up photos every single day for thirty days – and solving – the mystery of just who Mrs A Gooch was (still is, actually) – has been exhausting.

But the idea of photos lingers, as I often found myself sneaking a photo of someone or object and thinking how great it would be if it could be sent to our main printer at home.

Crikey, Mavis, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you at aqua-aerobics class!

The same thought crossed my mind a few times when Love Chunks and I were sitting in a couple of serious financial planning meetings. Yep, we’ve decided that we need to make our money (didn’t know we actually had any) work for us or work harder; or work out just how we can pay the bills and manage to eat for longer than twelve months after retirement. There were all sorts of documents and brochures that would have been brilliant to have waiting for us at home the second we arrived, heads still full from talk about tax incentives, stamp duty savings, longer term property goals and diversified investments.

Then again, there was one time I wanted to print out a list of jobs for Sapphire to do before I got home. I knew that LC would be in the shed working out in our tiny gym and she’d be glued to the computer, so the list of:

• Don’t forget to put Skipper back in his hutch because he can’t yell out loud enough to let you know that he’s still outside in his playpen, feeling cold, hungry and slightly annoyed.
• Did you put the toaster away?
• The recycling box needs to be emptied before the tuna tins start to stink.
• Have you got dressed yet – it’s 3pm!

HP have developed a fancy schmancy ePrint-enabled printer that allows you to send the photos or documents you want to print from your mobile to a home, office or public print location. Anytime, anywhere baby! I may possess the cyber skills of a corn cob, but HP offer heaps of advice on how to do it – there’s talk about clouds, apps, news, customised pages and being able to avoid the PC entirely (that’s computer on the desk, not political correctness).

Love Chunks – I’ve found THE hat to wear to your work’s skiing party this weekend. With this and my witty conversational skills, that promotion is in the bag!

I’ve been lucky enough to host a competition for HP. All you have to do, in my comments field, is answer this question: ‘How would you most like to use the HP e-Printer and why?’
You have until the 22nd of October to put in your entry and can do so as often as you like.

Nuffnangers will be trawling the selected blogs participating in this promotion and will be selecting the answer that most appeals to them. Go for funny, heart-warming, intense, nerdy or all-out crawling – I have no sway in the decision but will publish the winning entry. There's a mere nine of us Aussie bloggers selected to host the competition, so you're in with a pretty decent chance.

So go for it!

Any resemblance to a Nuffnang judge is entirely coincidental and no further correspondence will be entered into.


Kymmie said...

It's official. I'm now your blog stalker.

River said...

You don't rinse your recycling items?
Shame on you.
It takes mere seconds and saves your bin from smelling like the county dump.

P.S. I don't need a fancy schmancy printer. I'd like one, but don't need one. I'm happy enough with my multi-function thingamy.

Kath Lockett said...

Crikey, either my regulars have had full on weekends or none of you want an ePrinter - come on!

Isla said...

Carrying a compact digital camera with me everyday means I can snap up unexpected and interesting images... But with the hassle of going to the photo lab to develop photos? I don't have time to do that..!

This HP e-printer will make my life a lot easier, I can just upload photos onto my computer and send an email. Can it be more complicated? And it's wireless, tangled cords are so yesterday!

River said...

Maybe a fancy-schmancy printer could fit into my lifestyle....

R.H. said...

Give it to River poor thing, she's a battler, got nothing.

River said...

R.H. I have inner peace, the love of my family and friends and a roof over my head. I am rich indeed.

Kath Lockett said...

River, that's probably even more reason why you deserve a fancy schmancy ePrinter!

R.H. said...

Tone it down River, inner peace is fatal.

R.H. said...

Love ain't a hamburger.

Kath Lockett said...

You've lost me on the hamburger comment, dear RH...?

R.H. said...

Well it's okay to offer love but how about some cash? Checkout Chick River poor thing handles thousands of $$$ a day and gets a few small notes for it, people love her but can she make a sandwich from that? Wake up to yourself!

Kath Lockett said...

Ah. Being told to wake up to myself is something that's been happening to me a lot lately....

What about YOU, dear RH? Need a fancy printer?

R.H. said...

dear KL,
The answer is no.
I'd consider a fancy something else, it lives in the next street.

Cat J B said...

Does it only work from mobiles? My mobile is dead basic, so no joy if that's the case. Otherwise, oooo I'm sure I'd find a use for it.

Just looked it up, looks like it's smart phone or Ipad if I'm not mistaken. I'm a basic pleb when it comes to phones and things, so count me out. Cool gadget though.

Hehe, w/v shogin

Doug Stephens said...

Love the hat.

troybakes said...

I have crazy bad reception in my house - so i want to print an antenna. specifically a wind-surfer antenna as shown here. Yes, this is actually the coolest thing possible to do with a printer!
first stop - printer
second stop - New TV.