Friday, September 24, 2010

Snappy September - Day Twenty Four - Unaccompanied Minor

Sapphire's leaving us today, her first trip alone on a plane, over to see her grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.

For a whole week.

She's been saying every single day, "I can't wait, Mum, I can't wait!"

When it came to packing, she started five days ago.

When it came to checking what she'd packed, we found that half of it didn't fit anymore. The jeans that were roomy were now comically short and way too tight. Growth spurts are almost visible to the human eye.

We went shopping yesterday and found that she's now in that awkward, halfway stage of clothing sizes - not much available that fits in the junior section but too low cut, hilariously large fits in the womens' size 8 range.

My heart hurt as we ventured into techno-thumping jeans stores and cheap girlie dress shops - life would be different from now on.

Even so, she's still a little girl.

Heading off on her own.

With airline stewards who won't fully realise just how valuable she is.

Dad will be waiting for her at the other end, documentation on hand to prove to Qantas that he has been approved to have her in his care.

For a whole week.



JD said...

Enough to make this grown man cry. That was lovely.

LJP said...

I hope she has a lovely adventure and that you guys don't worry too much! (or at least pretend not to worry!)

Cat J B said...

Ooh, that was teary. I hope she has the best time, I know you'll miss her like crazy though!

mele said...

I try really hard to ignore that maternal *tug* *tug* too, when C sleeps over at Nana's... Try and have fun?

Elisabeth said...

How lovely to travel backwards in time from now to Sapphire' birth and even before. I remember the first time when my oldest daughter took off on a plane interstate by herself when she was about twelve. She too stayed away a week.
I cried.

Kath Lockett said...

She was the last passenger on the plane and walked through the doors with the hosties.

The guy turned around, smiled and me and said, "Yay, you're free now - go and have some champagne."

A big fat tear dripped from my nose.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Sapphire looks just like you.

Some really nice photos you have there.

Lovely post.




River said...

Oh dear Kath; she's barely gone and I can feel your heartache from here. Her very first trip alone. But you know where she's going and who she'll be with, unlike later years to come....
You have plenty of tissues and choccie on hand don't you?
(maybe the grands can bring her to Adelaide to get some Swiss Glory choc for you..)

Ann O'Dyne said...

Face it, your peace of mind is now a thing of the past.
You are going to need lots more chocolate to obliterate the wondering where she is, who she is with, what she is actually wearing as opposed to what she left the house wearing ... good luck.

I do love the Giant Lop and please don't tell me if he is not well and happy. I love bunnies and have the scars to prove it.

The kid is gorgeous too.

Kath Lockett said...

The mini lop is very happy, Ann. He has his own segment of the grass to run in freely, regular cuddles and a two storey townhouse. All he needs is a girlfriend and a smoking jacket.....

And guess who got teary over dinner tonight as he read through a print out of this post? LOVE CHUNKS!

nuttynoton said...

It is hard to let go, my eldest went to France for just under 2 weeks and really enjouyed herself, my better half fretted and missed her I did too.

Some times it is nice for some peace and quiet but it is hard as your life revolves around them,the week will speed by and she will benefit from learning to cope.
All part of life's great jouney!

JK said...

That was beautiful! What a milestone. She will have a wonderful time and she will love the day she comes back home too. Good luck!
Loved the backwards journey through photos - so true of how we think at every growing-up step.

Anji said...

Lovely pictures. We put our eldest son on a boat to his Grandmas when he was 9. It's okay once you know they've been picked up safely the other end.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Wow, she's really growing up. She's always been mature and a deep thinker but now her body is catching up with her brain. She really is a beautiful and special girl.

Hope her solo trip goes really well and she has a wonderful time.

Vanessa said...

How much fun for Sapphire. We left our three in the care of Grandparents last weekend for three days and thought of them all the time.
What is it with term 3 holidays and all the clothes have shrunk? And such a difficult age to dress. Miss i loves Jay Jays tshirts with denim shorts and we found Bardot has size 6 which fits. Not a lot to choose from though.

Colleen said...

I was holding back the tear until I read:

"With airline stewards who won't fully realise just how valuable she is."

Then the tear managed to escape!

With my second child starting school I am acutely aware that they are not as valuable to anyone else (nor should they be) but it is unnerving to leave them with others who wouldn't defend them with their life!

I hope she (and you!) have a lovely time.

Kath Lockett said...

We've spoken to her every day on the phone and she's having a wonderful time as we always knew that she would.

Does make me miss her any less though.....