Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Snappy September - Day Seven - Getting Rogered

Whilst we still ponder the mysterious and incredibly talented Mrs A Gooch, the same tennis club seems to have a fixation with a certain male tennis player.

Yes, Franzy, it's Roger Federer, here blue-tacked right next to THE most important part of the entire club - the powerpoint that controls the kettle and the fridge.

He's also found on the Gents' toilet door

The fifties' pink-painted Ladies

The equipment cupboard

Next to the noticeboard

Delicately brushed by the tips of the felt victory pennants

Underneath the R.A. McFarlane Memorial Clock

And even next to our beloved Mrs A Gooch!

Lleyton Hewitt, on the other hand, isn't on glossy cardboard and only appears once, in yellowing, crinkled newspaper above the door that's neither an entry or an exit, so is rarely seen.

They know what they like, these old Parkville gals, and they'd certainly appreciate it if you wash the teaspoons and leave the mugs to drip dry on the dish-rack before locking up.


franzy said...

In that case, I'm surprised that they haven't made the all-conquering A Gooch a life member, given their propensity to suck up to boring, self-centred win-it-alls.

Kath Lockett said...

Hey hey HEY! Say what you like about Mr Federer, Franzypants, but DON'T YOU DARE infer the same of the mysterious Mrs A Gooch!

River said...

I'm just glad they haven't got that tanty throwing John McEnroe up there. That would show extremely poor tatse.

Vanessa said...

Who doesn't like a bit of eye candy when you are making the sandwiches and tea for Pennants?
But what of the incredible Mrs A Gooch. How intriguing! Have you asked one of the oldies at the club?

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

I'm surprised they haven't got Andy Murray up there - you know, the Scot with a mouth so big that he can swallow trees.

Perhaps not - once he opens his mouth to talk, people tend to fall asleep or consider doing something more constructive - like slug racing.




Lorna Lilo said...

And...in the men's loo? Shouldn't it be the one of the woman tennis player photographed from behind pulling her undies out of her arse?

Kath Lockett said...

Nah River, McEnroe just isn't (and wasn't) pretty enough. Lley-ley is only there out of stubborn duty methinks.

Eye candy Vanessa - exactly. Why shouldn't Dulcie, Esme, Pearl, Maureen and Berryl have something nice to look at when rinsing the tea cups? I can't yet reveal what else those cheeky old gals have told me....

PlasMan, your Andy hasn't had the success of Roger and nor is he an Aussie so he hasn't even registered with the ladies of Parkville.

Lorna, the last time I dashed into the men's toilets was as a dare in year three, but I might - if sugared up enough - risk it next time we play there, just for YOU. I wouldn't be surprise if Roger Federer's head's been stuck on the back of hers though.