Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snappy September - Day Twenty Two - Feckths

Wedneday Word Verification definitions are still the order of the day throughout Snappy September.

I think I was trying to write something helpful (hah!) the other day on River's blog and had to key in 'feckths'.

Admittedly it is tempting to define 'feckths' as a curse uttered by an Irishman after he has misplaced his dentures during mass but I think it means something else entirely.

Feckths - the visible humiliation and displeasure suffered by family pets when forced to wear silly hats at human events.

These animals have a sixth sense that we lack and are rendered even more miserable when we not only take their photo, but also laugh, a lot, whilst doing so.

After recovering from feckths, pets often get their revenge many hours later by leaving a 'present' in the hallway, ready for a 3am toilet tripper to step into.

Or in the case of Milly, leave one in Sapphire's room, just beside the bookcase, so that when she leaned back to read...... you get the idea.


Elisabeth said...

Oh the poor poor dog. A very appropriate word for such humiliation.

BTW, I read your article on education, wonderful, similar to the one you posted earlier. I have mixed feelings on these matters but I think i can see and understand where you're coming from.

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Elisabeth.

As for the education article, I can see how people will first assume 'Oh she hates private schools'. No, I hate the fact that they receive government funding when schools like Debney are crying out for basic - and deserved - facilities, extra teachers, ESL assistance etc.

Someone commented online, "It's funny how they call themselves independent. If so, stop holding out your hand for government money."

Other people commented that they sent their child(ren) to private schools because they needed extra support for aspergers, etc. That is absolutely, totally understandable and again makes me sad that the millions and millions of misplaced funding should be shoved back into public schools so that all children with special needs can get the education and help they deserve....

..... because 'choice' in our current situation, really only applies to wealthy families or those able to work long and hard to pay for their childrens' education which, in a sensible world, should be free.

Sorry. I'll go for my morning run now. :)

River said...

Poor Milly, does look so very unhappy. Why do people persist in doing this to their pets when they know the pets hate it?

River said...

Kath, I've just read the Age article and all the comments.
It seems to me that public schools suffer not only from a lack of funds, but also from a lack of properly qualified and enthusiastic teachers. I'm referring her in particular to one commenter saying that a P.E. qualified teacher was also "teaching" Science and English. This was back in the seventies. But it's possible that the same sort of thing is going on these days, with teachers taking on classes that they aren't qualified for and have no enthusiasm for the subject they are being told to teach. I remember my own High Schooling years, few as they were, in Port Pirie. When I began there was only one High School avaiable to the town so we all went there along with kids who bused in from neighbouring towns. We had the grading system applied to classes and got tested on our first day to see who made the A grade, etc. I made the A grade, but after term one was bumped down to the B grade, because I hated the French teacher who clearly thought she was superior to absolutely everyone else, so didn't study and my overall grades dropped. Down to the B grade, where I was stunned to learn that I still had to learn the French, but had lost my beloved Latin! Luckily I still had the Science, loved Chemistry, and all the teachers were enthusiastic about teaching, across all the grades. Some were even qualified in two or three subjects, so could switch classes if necessary for any reason. For instance my science teacher in first year became my math teacher in second year. and now I'm wondering why I didn't take this theme and run with it on my own blog.....

Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Great definition (as usual). I wouldn't dare attempt to put a hat on my two cats. For starters, I would probably have my hand torn to shreds and Mrs PM would not allow me to "humiliate her babies".

I can see my place in the pecking order...




Kath Lockett said...

River, I don't know - I think we hope that they'll finally accept it. I sprayed on some organic lavender dog spray yesterday to counter act the fact that she'd rubbed her HEAD into some greasy leftovers on the high school lawn and she spent the next minute or so trying to run away from her own head!

River, yes, write about your school experience on your blog - I'm trying to work out if I follow up with a few more articles but, as I'm discovering, do we ever change anyone's opinion?

PlasMan, it's good that you recognise where you stand - your life will be much pleasanter for it. :)