Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snappy September - Day Twenty Nine - Strazat

The final 'Wednesday Word Verification Explanation' for Snappy September is one that is common to all neighbourhoods except the very, very wealthy.

A Strazat is the indoor lounge that, once worn, out of fashion and stained beyond social acceptability is moved outdoors to the front of the house.

The strazat is infamous for lowering the tone of a home, street or even neighbourhood, particularly if it is actually used as an outdoor lounge. Those found on a strazat tend to have lots of time on their hands, are frequently inebriated and prone to giving unsolicited 'advice' and 'compliments' to passersby.

People wishing to sell a house nearby one that hosts a Strazat should either arrange for a crowd of friends to turn up to the auction and block the view from potential buyers or take matters into their own hands and have it removed by stealth.

Alternatively, people have bribed Strazat owners with a free slabs of VB for each time it is removed for an Open Inspection, with the additional sweetener of helping them install their own brewing operation next to the strazat after your property has sold.

Once the paint thinner and elderberry skins are ready for drinking, it won't be your concern any longer.


Elisabeth said...

I know those couches. You have described them well. We used them often when we were students, before we had things to do. Thanks, Kath.

Kath Lockett said...

You know, Elisabeth, I never owned a Strazat, but certainly sat on a few in my student days...

....and we certainly had some couches inside that were 'strazat-quality'.

Pandora Behr said...

Our strazat was a green vinyl bench seat pulled from the back of an EJ holden, supported by bessa bricks that sat on the verandah - only in Myponga. Classy, but the dog loved it. Never knock a strazat. Beer tastes good on them.

R.H. said...

It's rusted car bodies around here, out on the front grass, quite a presentation.
Not to everyone's taste I guess, some prefer gnomes.

River said...

Paint thinner and elderberry skins?? Oh. Dear. Lord.
There's a few of those lounges around Adelaide. One right in Norwood, can you believe it? It's accompanied by old chairs and a half-44 gallon drum BBQ. After "big" occasions there's a litter of booze containers too.

I had a front veranda lounge too, but only because it wouldn't fit through the door of the house I was moving in to. I put up a trellis to hide it a bit from the street though, also to shade it, it was a western facing veranda, then I surrounded it with potplants. Huge ones. With the porch light on after dusk, it actually looked friendly and welcoming. My landlord loved it.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Strazat, I'm afraid, will have to go down as an Aussie word because there is absolutely no way you would find one in England at all. Our weather is predictably dreadful, sadly.

Having said that, I may go Strazat-spotting because certain Aussie words have entered the Oxford dictionary recently due to the indomitable stupidity of English people who hurl themselves out into the open when that yellow orb peeps from the clouds in the summer.

Words such as:

barbecue, sunshine, tan

All of them are alien to me.