Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snappy September - Day Seventeen - Skipper the bush-bunnarooo

Now, really faithful BFTB readers will realise that I never wanted a rabbit.

Nope. Knew absolutely nothing about them, they seemed like a lot of extra work, didn't seem particularly affectionate and were infamous for chewing through television, flokati rugs and the occasional sleeping face.

But of course we got one; a six month old boy we called Skipper.

And yes, the little bugger grew on me.


In addition to his two storey town house with indoor ramp we've made him a long 'run' that is reverently positioned on the greenest bits of our patchy lawn so that he gets to sun himself, eat his greens, do a few joy jumps and more than a few happy laps.

The other day I put him out on the lawn, had a chuckle at the white blur he created as he zipped up and down a few times before hiding out in his upturned cardboard Australia Post box (currently being remodelled courtesy of his top and bottom two teeth) and went inside to work.

A couple of hours later, I popped out and saw this:

He was stretched out cooling his tummy at the other end of his run, seemingly with no driving need to dig further and make his escape; just content to have given the 'ol front paws a bit of a work out.

I hurriedly scraped the dirt back in with my shoe, shifted the run a couple of feet further to the west and gave him a cuddle instead of a scold.

Little bugger.


drb said...

will be nice if he has another rabbit to communicate with....

drb said...

This also brought to mind the question between the difference being a pet or a captive...

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

I always wanted a rabbit as a kid - because my mate had one. Common sense prevailed because we had a cat AND a dog and my mum thought it was a bad idea.

She was probably right.




River said...

He is very cute...
You may have to invest in a largish piece of chicken wire to put under the run. This way he can still eat the grass, but not be able to dig his way out. The chicken wire should extend beyond the edges of the run by at least a foot in case he manages to nudge the edge along a bit.

Kath Lockett said...

drb, I often wonder if he's a pet or a prisoner but have heard that boy bunnies (even when de-knackered)aren't friendly cohabitors.

Love Chunks has just had the same allergy tests that Sapphire did a few months ago and ----- drumroll --------

------ he's NOT allergic to rabbits! But the pollens from the grass that stick to his fur he is allergic to. Sapphire and I will hold his hand as he endures his eight sessions of injections and somehow, someway, sneak Skipper inside every now and then.....

PlasMan your Mum was right - our dog is very kind to Skipper but I don't think a cat ever would be.

River we've got wire under his townhouse but I haven't the heart to do it on the lawn; it's his only avenue to feel the dirt, weeds (and occasional dog poo) under his furry feet.....

Anji said...

He's lovely! I had rabbits when I was a child and then my dad bred them for a while and we had hundreds (not quite the same)
I'm allergic to the fur I've discovered now I'm old.