Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snappy September - Day Nineteen - Classic Car

I love our neighbourhood and always have my little camera in my shoulder bag if I'm out walking with Milly because there's always something quirky to snap at.

.......Like this old Toyota Crown around the corner from my house (yes, in the street behind the Cayenne owner's mansion). If you look closer at the back passenger window...

....the sticker informs us that it has '4WD modifications'. I'm not quite sure what century those modifications were made, but we are urged to admire and not touch:

Bless. In the photo below, you'll see a glimpse of the sumptuous interior seating and, with a second look, me leaning in to take the photo and Milly waiting patiently on her lead.

She was more interested in getting a closer look (read: sniff) at the boot for reasons to scary to contemplate.....


River said...

That interior looks pristine compared to the mess in my son's car. I swear they haven't cleaned a single thing out of it since the day they first opened the door.

Did the owner not mind that you were taking photos?

Have you heard about the Aussie Bloggers Conference?
details here:

Kath Lockett said...

The owner is what I'd kindly describe as 'rotund' and seems to be enjoying staying home with his parents (he's around 40 or so) and being fed and watered. The car seems to be a storage option rather than a viable form of travel.

Thanks for the tip, River re the conference, I'll look into it.

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