Friday, September 24, 2010

Snappy September - Day Twenty Five - Carn Tam!

Now, you might remember - let's face it, how could you forget - Tam, my Collingwood-loving friend from around the corner?

Well, since writing about her on Day 21, she's done more.

More to the house.

More to her hair

More to celebrate.

It's gotten so serious that I even heard Love Chunks mutter, "I hate Collingwood, but Tam loves them so much so I ---" his teeth grinding was audible to me, several metres away " ---- perhaps.... maybe...... won't mind if they win."

With that admitted, I also hope that they win. For TAM!


Anonymous said...

Oh for a world where the biggest worry is who will win the football.

Tam van der Pie said...

Me and my Bizz Lightyear grin would like to say just one word...
My only concern is: when they get in next year I'm going to have outdo this... I wonder how much it costs for a blimp to be attached to my roof??

River said...

It's 6.10pm here in SA now, so who won?
Tam, start saving now....

Elisabeth said...

And now it's a draw. You have another week of agony it seems, Kath. Good luck.

Pandora Behr said...

Oh dear, we have another week of all this Collingwood fever. Hope Tam is doing okay under the circumstances.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Good on Tam! I love that sort of passion.

At least the hair can stay for another week. I love it BTW.

Kath Lockett said...

OF COURSE, dear Anon, of course; but we can also celebrate and have fun where we find it too, can't we?

Tam - Tam, River, Elisabeth - she's got another week to do more decorating!

Pandora, you're right - surely the winners will be airlines, hotels, ticket sellers, caterers again?

Deep Kick Girl, Tam is not one to be shy when it comes to hair dye :)