Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Knowledge NovemberDay 3Size isn’t important

I’m 41 years old today and I’m typing this with a sports towel wedged under my bum to catch the running sweat trickling down the backs of my knees and can hear several choppers overhead keen to catch some aerial views of the crowds attending the Melbourne Cup race.

As I sat in the kitchen earlier this morning opening cards and pressies with Love Chunks, Sapphire and Milly the dog, I mused aloud, “Have I learned anything this year?”
“I seriously doubt it,” shot LC by the coffee machine, making us all laugh.

But I have really. Twelve months ago we lived in a largish double-brick house on a piece of land in South Australia measuring 900 square metres – here in Victoria it’s 220 squares. We haven’t noticed the smaller space but have instead appreciated not being weekend garden slaves or hearing chunks of plaster fall from the ceiling and go SMACK onto the floorboards at 3am.

The gym – okay tool shed – we have is much smaller than our double garage, but it fits in the treadmill since it finally made its way through our
delivery-unfriendly front gate. It also houses LC’s new bike and he's looking fitter, thinner and stronger. “Yeah, you’ve downsized yourself by running more this year Mum,” said Sapphire. Thanks sweetie.

Yet my chocolate stash has upsized thanks to GoneChocco and two stints on telly’s ‘
A Current Affair’ (thankfully as a fluffy good news piece and not being chased down the street by a reporter as I jam my hand in front of the camera and avoid answering questions on what it feels like to make pensioners poor and homeless). My chocolate contacts have also upsized as I’ve met some really enthusiastic, genuinely friendly and talented chocolatiers, importers, creators and retailers who know more about the brilliant brown beauties than I ever will.

My income is far less than it used to be during my managerial stress-head days or the decline of civilised behaviour with The Bulldog, but it’s more than it was last year which was roughly the royalties from
Work/Life Balance for Dummies (ie air and ego) and a tax refund from the previous financial year.

This year I’m actually earning money and still continue to feel utterly thrilled to see my stuff in the
newspaper and to work with an editor who ‘gets’ me. I also get the jollies receiving little book parcels in the mail from Jabberwocky in order to review them. Good or bad is fine with me: the fun is in the discovery and in now knowing the delivery man by name.

The city is bigger (over 4 million compared to one million) but the local area is smaller. Joining the
Flemington Association has given me friendship with people I might never have met otherwise and stirred a passion that I didn’t know I possessed for history, planning, character and culture .... and good cafes.

“What other changes in size have happened this year,” I again foolishly asked myself out loud in front of my family.

“Your cholesterol has upsized.”
Er yes, thanks darling husband.

“And you’ve downsized your life because you’re 41 now and have less life to go.”
Wonderful, Sapphire, that’s just wonderful.

Love Chunks handed me a freshly-made coffee. “Are you sure you’re not 42? I could have sworn you were 42 today.”

No. Our tiny kitchen just fits in Love Chunk’s coffee machine and the dining table is wedged in so that you need to suck your gut and squeeze in your butt-cheeks in order to sit on the furthest side and dog hairs collect in tumble weeds under the chairs and when Sapphire’s got SingStar going in the lounge room just two metres away it’s impossible to have a conversation but I feel like it’s huge.

It fits in Love Chunks, Sapphire, Milly and myself – everyone I love.


drb said...

May all your birthdays wishes will come true. xoxo

lc said...

We love you! The spirit that is so evident in what you write is something we are lucky enough to live with every day. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

River said...

"....because you're 41 now and have less life to go."

That's a bit cheeky of her. Ha Ha.

Happy Birthday.
Did you go to the races and drink champagne for your big day?

As for the size of your house;
"may your home always be too small to hold all of your friends"

Lorna Lilo said...

Shit, you are really old! Just kidding.

Happy Birthday from someone who is even older.

Baino said...

Aww happy birfdie Plugger . . the year's go so fast. I've just turned 53 and feel about 28. You have accomplished much over the past year. No mean feat moving states and schools and houses. I'm sorry I don't comment on Gone Chocco but I do read it on the weekends. And if it's any consolation I 'get' you. You're wonderful. (and I don't give out compliments easily). Hope you have a lovely day are spoiled tonight and I can't wait to meet up again. Im even thinking of buying your book! Seriously Kath, you're inspirational and I wish we lived closer. You'd motivate me to exercise! And we both have amazing daughters. And, you're beautiful and slim enough to wear horizontal stripes with pencils up your nose. You're lovely!

The Man at the Pub said...

Big Hip Hip, Hooray! Hope your day was full of the good stuff, including, say, a frosty glass of James Squire Indian Pale Ale. Works for me.

Keep up the trademark adventures. And I hope all the drunk gatecrashers (or perhaps alleypukers) have left your party by now.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath and happy birthday.

41, eh? How young!




Helen said...

Happy birthday!

I'm glada that your home is so huge (in spirit if not in size).

I hope you ate lots of chocolate to celebrate!

Deep Kick Girl said...

Your home may be smaller but it's gorgeous and cosy and a superb fit for your family.

You may be getting older but you're still younger than me by almost 8 months, so that's somethng to appreciate.

Hope you survived yesterday's insanity.

Kath Lockett said...

You've all made my eyes go moist :)