Friday, December 23, 2011


We were at Gruyeres recently (home of the famous cheese, even though the foodstuff loses the 's' and is just called Gruyere) and a trip to the gorgeous castle on top of the hill overlooking the town was a must.

I'm a sucker for beyond views and busied myself happily taking what I imagined were artistic photos... only to find a queue of a dozen Japanese tourists behind me patiently waiting their turn.

Inside, my attention turned to the stained glass windows ...

.... before Sapphire started sniggering.  "What's so funny?"

She paused, thinking how to phrase her answer. "It's just that.....ummm, either the artist is being a show off in his self portrait or it's the king of the castle he's painting here and  ummmm, he has to make him look, er, 'good'."


I was torn between trying not to laugh and agree and telling her to focus her eyes on something more educational. As usual, the giggling won out.


The Elephant's Child said...

Could you have done anything but giggle with a straight face? Tell the truth now. No, I didn't think so. Much the better option. I am giggling here.

Jayne said...

OK, straight,!
Alright, how!

Hope you, LC and Sapphire have a fantabulous Chrissy and a splendiferous 2012 xxxxxx

River said...

Of course the giggling won out! And then you turned your attention back to the views, right? Right??

Hannah said...

Heavens, I didn't even know matching male g-strings for skin-tight boxer shorts existed. Yay history!

Red Nomad OZ said...

How weird! I've got some of those arty old-building-scenery-through-the-window shots too! But mine are in the Grampians and Inneston!!

Giggling is good. Especially with such a fine codpiece on display!!!

Andrew said...

Children and art can be.........difficult at times.

drb said...

The painting didn't tickle my giggling bone at all. I was puzzled why it was hilarious to everyone else. Then it dawned on me that man in tights with a big bulge is a common sight in ballet!
Luckily I've never volunteered to bring S to ballet.

FruitCake said...

Speedos on the outside of his tights: Perhaps some early type of superhero?

Glad to hear Sapphire is well enough to be out and about and giggling.

A happy and safe holiday season to you, yours, and all your readers.

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks everyone - actually drb, Sapphire has been to the ballet but she found this particular guy amusing because he was supposedly outside doing 'normal' things and still needed a large, stripy cod-piece on. :)