Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hundred Years War

Love Chunks reckons that I'd have been brilliant living in the dark ages or mediaeval times, particularly in a heavily-fortified castle subject to a seige or two from invaders.

See, I like to keep spares of things, because nothing's more annoying than running out of an essential ingredient when the shops have shut.***

Put another way, it's always nice and shows a strong sense of care and consideration to have that second tin of chopped tomatoes behind the one you're currently using. For next time.


And, let's face it, in challenging circumstances such as Tuesday night's tuna mornay lacking sweetcorn or when the English are pushing their wooden slingshots towards the ramparts of Dunnottar's drawbridge, we could all use a bit of joy in our lives.


Right. Nobody backs Kath into a corner without her having access to the essential source of strength!

*** Which is far more common here in Switzerland than in Australia. NOTHING is open on a Sunday; there seem to be many mysterious public holidays and religious observances that are respected more by business owners than residents which explains why this country - famous for its Alpine dairy industry - sells at least 95% of its milk in UHT long life packs.


The Elephant's Child said...

Love (and recognise) your store cupboards. Yech to UHT milk.

River said...

I can see bare bench space between those chocolate bars...did you eat the rest of the stash already?
Canned sweetcorn tastes like can, frozen is so much nicer. Of course you'd need to thaw it before addding to a mornay.
I'm surprised to hear that so much is closed so often, I thought that was only Adelaide.
Tomorrow is the annual bikers christmas toy run, I hope to get photos.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Bonjour Kath,

I totally agree; I have a hard job persuading Mrs PM to keep spares - but she is learning - slowly...

BTW - that's a LOT of chocolate.




P.S. If I do make it to Geneva, I shall of course try to meet up - you sold it with "coffee, chocolate and a friendly dog".


River said...

Did you know that we have Turkish Delight Tim Tams here in Adelaide now? I'm torn between wanting to try them because I love Turkish Delight and not wanting to try them because I don't really like Tim Tams.
What a dilemma!

Kath Lockett said...

UHT milk is 'normal' here, EC. However it has a much shorter shelf-life than the nuclear-fallout-surviving stuff that we're used to. Roughly four weeks and it's 'off' here. What I find a bit harder to deal with is how rich their milk is - grabbing anything with less than 4% fat is difficult. Looking forward to your Bikie pics.

River, I agree with you re frozen but our freezer (a small one under the fridge) is already full of packets of frozen peas, spinach, cut-price chicken and pork, French-bought beef, pizza pastry, green beans, gnocchi, tortellini and several dozen types of bread so there's no more room left.

PlasMan, I'm getting the impression that my chocolate 'stash' is anything but, after just returning from Manor (Geneva's famous department store) and seeing what sort of chocolates other people are buying. The lady in front of me scooped up three hundred francs' worth of Lindor balls! Good to hear that you've accepted my invitation, too (hope you noticed the beers on the Seige shelf).

River, there's no dilemma: try them. I *adore* Tim Tams, but tend to dislike the new-fangled flavours, so try 'em before they're discontinued. Long life the double coats though!

nuttynoton said...

I like you do not like us running out of stuff fortunately the village shop is open on Sunday if necessary but we keep the store cupboard full,for some reason I like to keep plenty of toliet rolls in must have been the torture of using newspaper when I was a child!
caught up with your last few posts, happy birthday to LC, sorry to hear about Ray sounded like my kind of bloke

River said...

Hmpf!! Eat one of those loaves of bread and squeeze in some frozen corn. Will try Turkish delight Tim Tams tomorrow.

WV = hogit = hog the choc

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Nutty - Oh, how I miss Sunday trading hours....

River, I'll try the frozen corn just for you - as soon as we finish up the dozen tins I've already bought!