Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doggy December - Day 31 - Resolutions for 2010

Well this is the end of Doggy December, and normal blogging programming (ie whenever I damn well feel like it) will resume in January. Or February. We'll see.

I've given up making New Years' Resolutions because they're not going to last any longer than a box of Lindor balls in a hot car.

Looking down at Milly who is sleeping at my feet, I'll instead take the liberty of setting up a few for resolutions for her to work on:

No licking people across the lips. Especially if they are sleeping with their mouth open.

No banging the wooden fence when the neighbour's two cats are in the yard.

No running at pigeons when the lead is taken off at the park.

No clacker-licking on the back doormat directly in view of dinner party guests on the other side of the glass sliding doors.

No pushing of wet noses against people's legs or up their shorts when standing behind them at traffic lights.

No leaving of butt nuggets in our tiny, one-metre-deep front garden to visually and fragrantly greet visitors on their arrival.

No flapping of ears - and therefore, one's entire body - on the red wool rug, thus turning it orange and hairy.

No nuzzling the flip-top bin in the kitchen.

None of them will be kept or enforced and that doesn't matter a jot. Milly's perfect just the way she is.


Rowe said...

Well Kath, there'd be no fun for Milly if she had to stick to that regime. Happy New Year to you and your family (including Milly, of course!)

Plastic Mancunian said...

Best of luck with those resolutions, Kath


Happy New Year



River said...

For every "no", substitute "more" and I'd bet those are Milly's true resolutions.

Paul wynn said...

Thats one cute picture! happy new years kath!

Baino said...

Great Idea, I should try that with Lily: No eating road kill, no rolling in rabbit or duck poo, no running off and eating the builder's lunches and being held ransom by the apprentice, no sneaking on the bed whilst soaking wet after a pond swim . . I could go on but she'll ignore me. Happy New Year Kath! I hope we get the chance to catch up again before too long

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Rowe - I hope your 2010 is a good one too. Each and every one of those resolutions is a key part of her funny, furry little personality.

Thanks Plastic Mancunian - keep blogging and I'll keep reading

River, you are right as always.

Thanks Paul - I hope you have a good one too

Baino - you may see me up your way sometime in 2010, so prepare to flick off your lights, dive behind the sofa and suck in your breath until I give up and leave....