Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doggy December - Day 23 - Mum?

I'm forty one years old. I have reasonable qualifications, a not-too-shabby CV, a decent house, great friends, fantastic family, a fair share of brain cells and a ten year old daughter that I gave birth to.

Despite this, I call myself our dog's 'Mum'.

I know that Milly is a dog and I'm a human. She was six months old when we found her and yet she's part of my family now.

I feed her, walk her, bath her, clean up her doo-doos and let her out for one last whizzer before bed time which is pretty much what a parent does for a child, isn't it?

She gets sung to, asked if she'd like to come inside and help me work despite the study only being 2 metres wide and already filled with bookshelves and a piano and her bed (the red beanbag) is washed every time she is.

She comes with me as often as is permissable (if they have Guide Dogs for the sight-impaired and Hearing Dogs for the deaf, couldn't I have a 'Sanity Dog' that can ride the tram, walk into Coles and the noodle bar), her dishes are placed next to ours in the dishwasher and she's on the same formula for arthritis (fish oil and glucosamine) as my father.

I pick the sticky black eye boogers out of her eyes for goodness sake!

But I know that it's daggy, lame and utterly stupid for me to whisper into her velvety orange ear, "Mummy loves you."

Not that it stops me.


The Plastic Mancunian said...

Don't worry Kath,

Mrs PM calls herself the "Mama" of our two cats; worse, she calls me their "Dada".

All this means that when our fat feline Jasper hauls his bulk onto my knee, Mrs Pm will say to him (and I quote):

"AWW! Jaspy-poo! Are you sitting on your Dada?"

I would dearly love him to turn round and say "HE'S NOT MY BLOODY DADA YOU FOOL!"




Kath Lockett said...

Maybe that's why cats can walk off with their tail up in the air and give us their 'evil eye' - it's all just revenge for the baby talk they endure.

Dogs, on the other hand, just need to lick us across the mouth merely moments after they've found an old lump of cat shit in the garden and eaten it....

River said...

It's not daggy at all to say mummy loves you. I've said it in the past to my dogs and cats too. (apparently I've even said it to my stuffed monkey while I was dreaming once.)

Karen Fayeth said...

Weirdly, my husband is the one that calls me the cat's mom. Like "maybe mom will feed you soon."

I thought it was only us ladies who did the mom thing to pets.

Guess not.

I somehow forgot giving birth to that rasty furry animal. I love her madly anyway.

River said...

Don't seem to be able to access my email, so I apologise if you've sent me a message and I haven't replied.

Helen said...

I think we should start lobbying for oficial sanity dogs!

Think of the world wars that will be averted!

Baino said...

Snap. I'm just as stupid/silly and I don't care.