Friday, December 18, 2009

Doggy December - Day 19 - Calendar Canines

My friend Tam - Mr P's owner - is a dog-lover who surpasses even me; despite my doing all this Doggy December blogging stuff.

Her home is a veritable shrine to Daria, an adopted from the Lost Dogs Home who literally won the lottery when she met Tam.

Tam's one of those awesome neighbours who shares the doggy love around. She regularly takes her dog, Daria - and the neighbour's dog, Dexter - to the local park or school oval for a run and a play. This picture is the two of them rough-housing (but in a nice way). Note that Tam said, "Thank god the wind didn't change."

Daria is huge, with a head heavier than a pumpkin and the rather endearing tendency to just stand and lean up against you if she wants her ears rubbed or to join in the conversation. Last night Tam and I were chatting to some amiable drunks strolling by (we live in a direct line to the Bottle-O) and Daria greeted them all enthusiastically before leaning against me again, leaving rather wet patches of drool in spots that, um, you don't want to see large patches of drool on in public places. Ah well.

Tam is able to leave the front door of her house open with Daria as sentry in the front garden (above) or inside as an unseen presence behind the sturdy wooden door that still shakes with each growl of suspicion. Tough exterior, but a soft loving heart that saw some tough times and treatment before Tam entered her life.

Daria is just one of the many beautiful canine models featured on her 2010 calendar that she has photographed and designed, with all profits going towards the Lost Dogs Home.

If you'd like to find out more about the calendar, how much and where to get it, give her an email at


Benjamin Solah said...

Just letting you know that I have been reading all of your doggie December posts but have been slack on commenting lately.

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Benjamin, that's nice to know. My site stats show that I have a fair few 'lurkers' but not too many commenters.

People are either shy, too busy or don't know how/don't want to log onto google...?

Benjamin Solah said...

It's the same with me. Try to pry them out of their shyness once and a while.

River said...

Daria and Dexter look big enough to throw saddles on.

jan said...

If only all dogs could be win the lottery with the right kind of human.

Helen said...

I've been a lazy commenter too.
If I wasn't caught up in the madness of the Xmas / end of year shite I'd be investigating this mysterious (to me) upsurge in Letters to the Editor from mysterious dog rescue people criticising the LDH and implying they're living high on the hog on donations. I'm wondering what is behind this. There was recently a Background Briefing program (ABC) on puppy farming; coincidence?

That Daria is such a magnificent beastie.