Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doggy December - Day 17 - Dog Lovin = Neighbour's Entertainment

Last year, just before we sold our beloved Trinity Gardens house and moved to Melbourne, we had a visit from our Great (old) Southern-side-of-the-fence neighbours, Jude and Bob.

At 85 and 80 respectively, they had decided to sell up and move to a retirement village in the next suburb.

"We'll miss hearing your interesting singing," Bob told me.

"Er, no, that's Sapphire," I interrupted nervously. "She loves to sing along to her CDs or at the dog when she's home from school."

Bob laughed. "No Kath. We hear you, during the day, singing songs to Milly. You have quite the flair for adding her into all kinds of tunes, don't you? It's given Jude and I quite a bit of entertainment when we have our coffee in the courtyard, let me tell you."

I still blush just thinking about it.


franzy said...

Look, tally-ho for soldiering on with Doggy December, but I call Long Bow on this one. This post is about you! And I do recall hearing it before in the past ...

Kath Lockett said...

Well, um yes, it's about me, but I'm Milly's owner and if it wasn't for her, the neighbours wouldn't have heard me singing so loudly and so often.

Doggy December is proving to be rather a challenge, but I'll soldier on and resume normal programming (ie whenever I damn well feel like it) in January. Or February.

franzy said...

I am unconvinced!
Long Bow!
Long Bow!

jan said...

Uh...doesn't everyone sing and talk to their dogs?

Kath Lockett said...

Oh Franzy, stop being picky and UPDATE YOUR OWN BLOG.


River said...

Not to worry Kath, December is almost over. Have you decided on a January theme? Or will you just wing it?

Rowe said...

Hehe, do you also play the piano I spotted in the background of a photo a few posts back as well?? Now, don't go hiding your talents or light under a bushel, Kath.

Baino said...

Haha no wonder she looks embarrased!

Kath Lockett said...

River - January is likely to be a very, v-e-r-y slack month, unless I find the inclination and time to post from glorious Tassie! I'd still like to though but not. every. day. Too hard!

Rowe - sadly no, the piano is there for Love Chunks, whose been learning for four years now. I inherited the piano when my parents moved houses because - out of the three kids - it had the most chance of being used. I suffered through two years of piano lessons as a kid, but showed about as much proficiency as would a mad possum skittering across the keys.

LC can already read music and played the trumpet and guitar growing up and in his twenties. He's very shy about it though, and the trumpet has only come out twice. Both times it sent Tess (the first dog) and then Milly cowering outside in the farthest reaches of the garden.

To his credit, he practices nearly every day and Sapphire also has his ability to read music automatically. She's not interested in the piano though - the viola is her thing, and her trusty recorder.