Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plugger by name

.......and plugger by nature.

Some of you may have got the faint impression that I fancy a bit of chocolate. You know, every now and then as a treat, like.

Some of you may have already ventured over to GoneChocco and realised, "Oh so THAT's why she's the FATTEST runner I've ever seen."

Over at GoneChocco I'm proud and amazed and humbled to note that by the end of last month the site had received 208,000 page views for it's very first year of existence.

Now don't get me started on 'hits' - oops, too late - because they're wildly inaccurate and count every single item that is downloaded such as photos, logos, banners etc, meaning that one article can be counted as 30 'hits'. If that was the case, then GoneChocco received 1.7 million 'hits'.

Anyhooo, it's been a year and the site is running on, well, enthusiasm, a weekly shop for chocolate, some samples provided by companies who can see that people are starting to read the views of a Chubby Runner and are starting -just starting - to ask if they can advertise. So far, no real bites, but the stats are growing and it'd be great if subscribers and 'likers' could grow too.

So if you're feeling kind or would like to win a t-shirt, weird chocolate-related non-edible items and of course a huge selection of chocolate, click
here. Please.


River said...

I would love to win a supply of chocolate, because that would count as a gift and gifts don't have calories.

Ann O'Dyne said...

... and Blogger puts Blurb's new posts in my Dashboard feed too.
More power to you dear Burb.

Helen said...

gifts don't have calories? I like that idea!

I will 'like' it if it helps :)

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Chocolate for breakfast?


I'm a savoury man myself - chcolate does nothing for me (apart from the odd Lindor).

Now if you had a site dedicated to beer ...




Marshall-Stacks said...

yes Plastic Mancunian: 'chocolate for breakfast' - Pain Au Chocolat en France.

Kath Lockett said...

River, I LOVE the way you think. It's on a similar vein to my "I'll eat a king-sized Kit Kat Chunky and then have an orange so that the good balances out the bad." Sadly, my thighs aren't aware of this rule.

Thank you Ann!

And thank you too, Helen!

Fair enough Plasman but if I had a site dedicated to beer I'd vomit after just one mouthful. If YOU had a site dedicated to beer, you'd never be in a fit state to be able to WRITE anything!

Marshall-Stacks - brilliant counter argument and now you've planted the seeds of desire because I haven't had breakfast yet.