Monday, October 11, 2010

Inevitably inevitable

It had to happen.

Of course it did.

The wonder is that it hadn't occurred sooner.

So we've established that it's no surprise whatsoever and yet it's annoying.

And painful.

And inconvenient.

No sooner has Love Chunks arrived home from being overseas for work and has this week off than I get a throat infection and lose my voice.

I'm miserable and silent but he'll have a restful week of unplanned-for peace and quiet.

Seeing as my week involves several telephone interviews, two meetings, two job interviews and a sociable brunch, I'm going to get this laminated:

I've lost my voice and my throat hurts, so please accept my smiling and nodding as a fair replacement for witty and insightful conversation.

On second thought, maybe I should carry the card around with me permanently. It'd sure take the pressure off.


River said...

When life hands you lemons, ask for tequila.
Or so I've heard.
I hope your throat improves enough to successfully conduct those appointments you have.
Meanwhile, you get to whisper sweet nothings to Love Chunks.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm actually craving a cold, icy glass of gin and tonic but can't have it because I'm now on antibiotics!

Love Chunks is naturally his kind and concerned self, but I suspect he's also a bit flummoxed by this new strangely silent person in his house.

Elisabeth said...

So sorry to hear you're sick.

I bought a cardboard air saxophone from Allen's the other day. The small cost goes towards paying for some child somewhere who would otherwise not learn. I thought it a useful notion and am happy with my air saxophone.

Get well soon, Kath.

drb said...

Hope you make a speedy recovery; strepsils work well.

I came to the conclusion on Thurs that I am tired of talking during dinner/party/meeting. Maybe it is the aftermath of attending 2 conferences over 9 days plus the meetings, work functions, brain storming after return. It could be a reprive for others!

Or it is easier said than done, please watch the video posted on my facebook.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Well, you don't need your voice to blog so that's a bonus. Hope you feel better really soon and that LC is soon enjoying your witty conversation. (Big Jay dreams about me loosing my voice, I'm sure he would say that would be almost as good as winning Lotto...)

Baino said...

Awww at least you can type. Same happened to me last week. Had laryngyti for 3 days and could barely squeak. The kids loved it! Now though I sound rather sexy if I say so myself. Wishing you a speed recovery!

Kath Lockett said...

Elisabeth, that sounds like a great idea. I've done a similar thing with books too but seeing as I'll be popping into Allen's in the next week or so to get Sapphire some more viola sheet music I'll take a look....

Drb - Sadly (especially for others), I'll always be a chatterbox but my ears hurt today too, so I feel as though I have a whopping big pumpkin sitting on my shoulders and just as useless.

Deep Kick Girl - I'd happily learn sign language if a hefty lotto win was guaranteed!

Baino you might sound sexy but I just sound.... well there's no sound actually.

franzy said...

I suggest a t-shirt.

Actually, a friend of mine at uni made a t-shirt with a clear plastic pocket in front for just that kind of thing.
And pictures she would cut out of magazines.

Benjamin Solah said...

When things like this happen, I've always thought it would be better if we lived in a world where you could just not have to do these things and take time off to rest.

Ann O'Dyne said...

My neighbour just brought me a bracelet of (many) Saints back from Lourdes (the place, not the singer's child)

One of them has to be The Chocolate Saint, and I will use it to aid my wish for your quick recovery.

Brandon Tschannen said...

I love the air guitar picture, made my day :).

Anji said...

Hope that you are back in full voice soon. At least you can still blog!