Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't be selfish

So, how are you feeling now Sapphire? How about just one more Glee episode - come on, you've watched two whilst I was out on the treaddie - and then turn off the telly?

Sapphire, I know you're feeling poorly.

After all, you caught the lurgy from me, remember?

But the vomiting is a new thing - that's all you I'm afraid.

What's that? You just want me to turn off the TV and let you sleep?

But can you do one thing for me?

It'll only take a sec-----Oh shit here's the bucket Wait wait WAIT OH.....oh. Nah, it's okay. You go have a shower and I'll clean this up.

But hang on a mo - just click here - yeah that's right - because I want to blog about my ailment this morning not yours that's why.

I heard that young lady! This 'crabby old bag' as you so nicely call me has been puked on twice today and - as I'm trying to show you - became so engrossed in her 'This is piss weak compared to running, damn my poxy stuffed-up achilles' power-walking session today that she didn't even notice the friction of her thumb against her t-shirt that eventually drew blood!


Well SIT DOWN then if you feel dizzy. Here! Just take it and then you can have a shower.

And yes I'm sorry. Swearing is wrong and I'll try harder to stop doing it. We'll talk about what 'poxy' means another time; when you're feeling better, okay?

Oh sweetie, I know. How about I come in with you and just make sure that you can stand up in the shower?

No, it's true. I do mean it.

Yes, of course I say it every time you're sick and I mean it every time.

I'd give anything to be able to take your pain and illness away and have it myself, I truly honestly would. But there'd better be some bandaids left in the bathroom cupboard because my thumb really stings.....


Helen said...

Don't mess with the Glee...

Kath Lockett said...

True. I'd love to hear a bit more singing from some of the other girls instead of just Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel mercedes Rachel Rachel Rachel Britney Rachel Rachel Rachel....

River said...

Yes, Rachel does tend to take over doesn't she? But the singing is really good. I love Jane Lynch as the cheerleading coach.
Your t-shirt/thumb friction drew blood?? Is your skin super thin or do you wear t-shirts made of steel wool? Maybe you need to wear gloves....boxing gloves, they're well padded.

Helen said...

I just wish the teacher would stop attempting to rap. It makes me cringe.

I like Rachel, we share a lot of A-type charateristics, so I feel the urge to defend her!

Pandora Behr said...

After catching a few of the new episodes in the States, there is less of Rachel - Kurt - oh my goodness, his version of I want to Hold Your Hand is STUNNING. You guys have been in the wars - get better.

LJP said...

I'm just off to the gym and the thumb friction thing now scares me. Be well and hope you find the band aids!

Kath Lockett said...

River, I love 'Sue Sylvester' - everything she says is gold. Covered in bitterness and bile but gold nevertheless.

Helen, yes, Mr Schuster is the least realistic of them all - and he's about as sexy as Justin Timberlake which is, in my view, not a bit.

Pandora, the Kurt episode screened here last week. Sapphire held my hand; I had tears dripping down my nose and Love Chunks said, "ooh that craps all over the original version."

LJP the thumb thingy happened because I was using those tiny 1.5kg dumb bells (after six months of tendonitis in my elbow and gaining 6 kgs I decided it was time to start working on my Foo-doo-bah-dahs regardless) and 8 km of power walking on the treaddie takes me exactly one hour which is a lot of swishing, especially when I’d taken a chunk of skin off my knuckle the day earlier; so I’d just sort of rubbed the top off the scab, reopened the wound and kept doing that over and over and over for an hour.....

Baino said...

Ha ..isnt' it always the way,no Panadol when you have a headache and no bandaids in the empty box when you need them.