Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Word Verification Week Nine

I'm still not sure if this is going to be a weekly thing or just something that I'll choose to do on Wednesdays when I've collected enough weird-sounding word verifications that require - nay, demand - an official definition.

Here are the latest, all real words I've had to type in order to comment on other blogs:

- Finding yourself still watching 'Cops' (or any dire TV show such as 'Cheaters' or 'The Bachelorette') long after the credits of the previous show (and the only one you intended to see) have finished, finding that it's now You have been tarized by tacky television.

Dribb - Short version: Killer Tree Drops.
Longer version: The large, slow dollops of water that collect on tall trees during rainstorms that plop onto your head as you're walking underneath. Such is the magnitude of these drops that the droppee (ie you) start worrying if was just water and not, in fact, a huge turd excreted from a feathered creature roughly the size of Big Bird. The Droppee (ie you again) then stops and gingerly feels their hair, hoping that their fingers will not be covered in what resembles the insides of a unusually pungent Cadbury Creme Egg instead of water. If it's dribb, it's just water.

Caticeke - Usually occurring at 2am in total darkness during a lights-off stagger to the toilet for a mid-sleep twinkle, caticeke is the act of stepping into cat vomit and deciding to just wipe the affected foot on the carpet and keep walking, hoping that someone else in the house will be the first to wake up, see it and clean it.
"Barry, I know you caticeked last night because your big dumb foot print is right in the middle of it, so get out of bed, grab a chux and clean it up!"

- A clump of mucus that has become dry enough to form its own separate entity and hangs vicariously from someone's nostril, sucking in to-and-fro in time with their breath. Snonstins have been known to mesmerise people, especially during job interviews, first dates and dental check ups.

Obsesto - Telling someone if they have something on their person that might potentially be very embarrassing, such as a chive stuck in their front teeth, an undone fly or a snonstin. Whilst it may seem a stretch of bravery to point out such a flaw to someone, any initial embarrassment they feel will pale into insignificance compared to the abject humiliation of delivering a well-researched lecture to a room full of presumably attentive people only to step from the podium and discover your silk blouse had been flapping open the entire time.

- A well-intentioned but mis-spelt slogan or word. The reader of the cymble is torn between agreeing with the sentiment and wanting to ignore it or amend it.

Cymbles are also often found in shops, especially those that serve cappuccinos and focaccias; with many take-away owners electing to pop in an apostrophe in 'Fish and Chip's'.

The world's most obsessed and prolific Cymble spotter would have to be my father. When he's not playing golf, turning wood (it's more innocent than it sounds), power walking, camping, bird watching (again, more innocent....), at Probus (yep....) or doing community work, his beady brown eyes are always on the lookout for Cymbles. If he's accompanied by someone when a Cymble is spotted, they'll then have to endure a well-intentioned but long rant about the sad lack of decent spelling in today's society.

However, they can always get their own back by pointing out that he's got a snonstin.


Pandora Behr said...

As snostins. I work with engineers - they appear to have more of them than any other subset on the planet. Love it.

Vanessa said...

I am with your Dad on that one! Cymble Spotters Unite! Misused apostrophes do my head in!!!! Primary school one oh one, possesion versus plural. C,Mon people.
As a scrapbooker, I get a nervous twitch when I see published work with spelling mistakes on the page.
Ok I am off to have a green tea. Breathe Vanessa...

Kath Lockett said...

Engineers for you, Pandora; Family members for me!

Vanessa, next time you're in Victor Harbor South Oz, I'll put you in touch with someone you can vent with :)

Jackie K said...

I love reading these (I found your blog by way of Pandora's).
I just got a good word verification a few minutes ago - FERSTI - reminded me of how my 4-year-old daughter speaks, as in "Muuuum, I'm fersti..."

Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

First of all - I will reply to Pandora ...

Pandora - I am an engineer - are you trying to tell me somthing? ;-)

I am also a cymble spotter (just one more thing to rant about).

I am also guilty of caticeking too.

And I am a frequently a droppee - it rains a lot in Manchester (and they are not always dribbs sadly).

Today's word: "rusixo" a person who is so curious about food that he or she will try anything - including cat food, baby food, even bird food.




River said...

I'm a Dribb victim. Early morning wind stirring the leaves after last night's rain is the culprit. But I've never mistaken that cold wet drop for anything but the water it is. Bird poo is a totally different feel.
I'm a Cymble spotter too, but I don't deliver lectures. Often.
I'm an Obsesto too, pointing out lipstick on teeth, "something" in your teeth, once I pointed out an open fly. Well, it was gaping quite wide and clearly obvious to EVERYONE but the owner, so I did my duty.

River said...

@Vanessa; possession has 4 s's....

yes, I'm nit picking...

forgive me?

Vanessa said...

I knew I could count on you River, it was my take on humour for the day with a grumpy toddler my only entertainment.

Baino said...

Oh dear, I'm regularly Tarized by shows that show idiots taking drugs into jails or American Police shows. They just seem to be on when I'm channel surfing. And I insist on people being Obsesto, I'd rather be told than make a presentation with parsley wedged between my front teef!

Elisabeth said...

We had our elderly and very genteel neighbors to dinner and she from behind her hand tried to point out a snonstin to him, hoping I would not notice her efforts to attract his attention to clear that parlsey from his teeth.

Why do we get so worked up over these? Is it because one of us, the snonstin wearer doesn't know and humiliation is inevitable.

I too love the practice of cymble-spotting.

A wonderful and uplifting exercise, it makes you feel superior.

Dann said...

I've had some funny ones come up on Facebook when I post stuff such as "dumb fatty" "hogwarts real" your stupid"

I don't see how those could be coincidence though someone has to be setting them in there for the facebook captchas. That is what they are called by the way Captcha

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks JK - or 'fersti' could be applied to how one feels after a night of drinking nothing but beer and vodka

Plasman, I like 'Rusixo' and consider that they're the kind of dinner party guests I'd be prepared to cook for because their expectations would be low and broad minded!

River, you got to Vanessa before I did. Unlike you, I am a frequent 'dribb' sufferer and always check because I've had more birds poop on me than the average person and no, I don't know why....

Baino, I was Tarized the other night by 'Cops'. I don't know who was behaving worse - the cop or the jaywalker.

Elisabeth, maybe the 'snonstin' is just the physical version of the 'cymble' in that both make us feel superior?

Dann, they're 'catchas' are they? I suspect the Facebook ones have been played with, but the ones I'm collecting have been from blogger and wordpress.

drb said...

Shouldn't it be "C'mon people"?

River said...

@drb; I was hoping someone else would pick up the "c'mon people".
I don't like to show off too much.

Kath Lockett said...

Drb and River, you're both wonderful and NOT showoffs!