Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Word Verification Edition Eleven

Oooher, I'd better get cracking on this before Wednesday ends. It's been a day of photography, interviewing, coffee, knocking on a stranger's window to find out a local mystery, research, chocolate reviewing, running and giving away a few GoneChocco-related prizes.

Onto some word verification/captchas I've had to key into blogger and wordpress this past week, all deserving a definition:

- Unwillingly spitting out a drink in shock, anger or amusement. Recent examples of this include any election parties held on Saturday night; seeing Bob Katter being interviewed since then and reading any of Andrew Bolt's blog posts.

Having a spumer isn't always bad, however. Love Chunks forged a friendship with a workmate of mine after making him laugh so hard he did a spumer across the table and ...... splattered LC with Cab Sav. That was fourteen years ago and we still love him dearly.

Gnoun - Garden gnomes that live anywhere other than gardens. Many Gnouns are forced to become so after being kidnapped and photographed with their new owners who travel around the world. More sedate sightings include those found on desks, on car dashboards, modern ironic art installatios and the scared little guy below who lurks in the darkness of the stairwell that leads its way up to the Victorian Greens office.

Copip - Putting your corporate colleagues on hold during a tele-conference so that you can have a coughing fit or a sneeze. Before committing a copip, the more practised person is usually able to utter, 'Can we please put you on hold for a moment? My Exec Assistant's just come in with some more information...'

In my own case, a dislodged piece of peanut from a silently-gulped Snickers bar was hawked up and the 'hold' switch walloped before any explanations could be uttered. "Geez, I thought you'd rogered a Walrus," Dennis from Darwin said when all lines of communication were restored.

Afnesses - The dread experienced by thirty and forty-something women when attending a formal event that requires them to slap on the war paint, torture their feet in heels and put on a dress, only to see a twenty-something woman in the same outfit. Younger, slimmer, more stylish and better accessorised. Afnesses are painful and humiliating, and sufferers are advised to either lurk in the more poorly lit areas of the function room or get drunk. Combing both options can also be effective.

- The ill-fated (and usually alcohol-related in the case of adults, or red-cordial-induced when related to children) attempts to mimic the traditional Russian Cossack dance whilst wearing ugg boots and MC hammer pants during camping trips, stays in youth hostels or on sleepovers. When done to the tune of the 1980 Olympic song 'Moscow' the effect is rendered even uglier by a factor of ten.

Flespoem -
Anything written on the back of a toilet door that is actually amusing.
Recent examples include: 'Beware of lesbian limbo dancers' scrawled on the bottom of the door;
I always used to be disorganised and run out of time but now I;
and this classic:
Don't beam me up yet, Scotty, I'm having a really good SHI-------^


Elisabeth said...

Wonderful words as ever, Kath. I'm taken with the spumers on election eve, not that I did any spuming, just a bit of transmogrifying, whatever that means and now I'm trying to cope with the aftermath.

Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

I'm a spumer and bizarrely a work colleague had a magnificent copip today - we almost called an ambulance he was coughing so much.

Today's word is "eijol" which is the dreadful experience when you peel an orange and the acidic juice from the skin sprays into your eyes. Thankfully I wear specs so I don't suffer too much.




Kath Lockett said...

There was some spuming at the party we went to, Elisabeth, as some dyed-in-the-wool Labor voters got a nasty shock or seven..... I was in the electorate that voted in Greens guy Adam Bandt, so I was smiling.

PlasMan, my brother used to wear his old swimming goggles when peeling onions, but I'm not so sure if he suffered from 'eijol' when eating citrus fruits... I'll have to ask him.....

River said...

Awww, that poor scared little gnome. Can you find him a little girl gnome to keep him company?
My mum had a real thing for garden gnomes, owning several. Mostly the seven dwarfs if I remember.
I did a little accidental spuming yesterday, now my freshly washed dressing gown is back in the laundry basket.

cardiogirl said...

I'm going to choose Spumer as my favorite. Nice work!

My word is dessessy. I'm going to use it to replace sassy.

Example: The only time I dress up anymore is for a wedding. But when I do dress up I make sure I feel dessessy!

Baino said...

Haha nearly spumered my coffee all over my screen thanks!