Friday, November 04, 2005

Bad Weather

Love Chunks was obviously not too flat-out with measuring weather from aeroplane nose tips, or surveying weather stations or satellites, because he’d trawled through their national address book and found these likely souls. “Look,” he crowed, “these guys would have to be our employees of the year!”
Ms G Weatherhead
Mr J Storm
Mr Mikhail E.

Love Chunks concluded with “And I’m changing my name to Mr Sunny Andfine soon…”

Not to be outdone, his buddy Weens, a stalwart of the Victorian public service, also took up the challenge:
Gail Force
Prince Rainier
Sonny Andcher

Bill then joined the group email goof off, commenting that “It'd be a real coup if we could recruit Demis Roussos - being a friend of the wind and all...
Is that the wind they call Maria (in Paint your wagon wasn't it?)”

Sadly, I too had logged on to check the emails, and couldn’t help but join the club, suggesting, “……And don't forget Nana - she liked to 'Turn On the Sun....!”

Love Chunks was not finished, however. A further scan of the bureau’s address book revealed a Mr P Wintour and a Mr P Cooley

He also had the last laugh when he wrote, “MillyMoo said I really should be Mr Fullah Wind.” Touche – As Weens then said, "You blow me away with your wit, you leave me thunderstruck."

Now get back to work – we all want to know what we should be wearing for the weekend!

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