Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tara Reid, a shy thing indeed

Here's a wee pic of 'our' Tara Reid, busy doing some shopping recently:

I dare to say 'our' because she's a regular fixture in our local NW, Who, Womans' Day and No Idea magazines even though we haven't the faintest clue here in Oz what work she's actually done since so convincingly playing a determined virgin in 'American Pie.'

Sure, we've seen her dress slip down and reveal a rather unnatural set of fun bags and many a shot of her fallen over, drunk and panda-eyed, but the one included here of her out shopping made me laugh. It's a classic, isn't it?

The bottle blonde hair, which, to the touch would be about as silky as a bamboo blind; the very tasteful shred of denim posing as a skirt to which the word 'S E X Y' has been sewn - presumably by a retarded parkinson's sufferer. To complete the look we have her orange varnished legs with - oh joy of joys! - a fair sized acreage of cellulite on show. There is a god after all.

Maybe I will just wander over to her and slip a 20c piece down the bum slot she's exposing. After all, why bother showing off a bit of your arse crack if you don't expect something down there? Her Grandma must be so proud......

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