Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Brownlow Boo boos

Ahhhh (rubbing hands together in glee) today's blurb is just too easy. For those non-Aussies (or Aussies who only like the fat-necked, butt-sniffing sport of rugby); last night was the Brownlow Medal awards for Aussie rules footy. Ben Cousins won and good on him, but far more important is what the players and their partners wore to the ceremony.

Stuff the Emmys - there'll be enough yankee sites to rank the threads of the chup-a-chups on sticks, so I'll stick to our more local fashion fools.

Now I may be an Adelaide Crows fan, but Ben Rutten's partner Emily has done a rather too convincing job of looking like our neighborhood's favourite bantam boy, Houdini. He regularly escapes the chicken coop and wanders the streets until it's time to head back home for vege scraps and seeds. He'd fall in love with this gal if he ever saw her on his travels.

Vanessa, here with Brisbane's Chris Johnson, reminds me of the pale pink venetian blinds that my nanna used to have. I wonder if her top rolls up if you yank at her belt?

His team mate, Akers, didn't let me down and neither did his wife. I think they've mistaken this event for the 'Porno Stars Sex Scene Count' instead

Bulldogs' player Daniel Cross' partner Samantha is living proof of the dangers of genetically modified foods. Innocent avocados should never be cross-pollinated with 100 watt light globes!

Marina, seen here with Essendon's Jason Johnson, appears to have had a wrestle in the local meatworks and has come off second best. Her previously fully loaded haggis was somehow slashed with a meat cleaver and is puckered up and no doubt leaking from behind....good thing that the carpet is red.

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