Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome home

After five weeks of realising that the job was a slippery slope to doom and coming home to cry about it, it was our dog, Milly, who missed out the most.

She'd be the one waiting at the door, tail wagging madly as I'd stagger past, straight into LC's arms to wail. I'd then dust myself off, wipe my face and seek out Sapphire - out with the rabbit or in her room reading - to find out the latest in her bullying saga.

Then I'd cry again; worrying and fretting for my daughter instead of myself.

Milly would hover next to my legs uncertainly, tail still wagging but slower this time; nose nudging me every now and then to reassure me of her presence. "Yes Milly, I'll feed you," I'd sigh tiredly.

That was unfair because food has always been secondary to attention, affection and love. Milly had never been a chore to me and it was wrong of me to treat her that way.

The week before the job started, Sapphire drew this cartoon of Milly which I had framed, planning to take it in to put on my desk.

I never felt comfortable enough to do that, so now it's at home by the front door for every visitor to see.

The real dog is at my feet, eyes glistening and smiling in that unique way that only she has. She's back where she belongs. As am I.


Elisabeth said...

That's a fantastic drawing of Milly. Sapphire's quite the artist. You sound as though you feel much better now, made the right decision, quality of life over superficial things that matter less, like money. Good for you.

Hannah said...

Hurrah for you both! Also, that's an awesome drawing. As someone who's only ever been able to do stick-figures, I'm rather envious of Sapphire!

Melbourne MOD said...

The drawing is wonderful. I love dogs. They are Pack Animals and need their Pack Leader.
peace and love and all good wishes from me

Anonymous said...

Hey, was really feeling for you when reading the past few weeks posts! The pigeon one got me most - and I wondered then how long you had it in your heart to carry on.
Glad to hear you feel okay about your decision, tough as it is to do, but Elisabeth said it well!

I look forward to hearing your new adventures!

Andrew said...

Ah, the unconditional love of a dog, sometimes taken for granted because we can. Sounds as if you are in a better place now.

Pandora Behr said...

I would have taken that gorgeous drawing in with you - sometimes it's having stuff like that around that makes all the difference. I have a photo of a tiger with it's tongue sticking out. It's been with me for years. Glad things are evening out for you.

Kath Lockett said...

Sapphire loves drawing, Elisabeth and is often in her room creating cards, cartoons or logos.

Thanks Hannah. Milly and I did an extra-long litter ninja session today - me picking up the rubbish; she eating it or rolling in it.

Thanks Melbourne MOD and welcome :)

Thank you Lea - I might be heading your way for some weight loss tips - all this chocolate reviewing and no running has given me bingo arms and blubber buns.

I am Andrew, I am.

Pandora, the next job I have, I'll take the picture in with me. And one of LC and Sapphire too.

Helen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, and that Milly gets a whole lot of well-deserved attention again!

River said...

I'm so glad to read happier words from you Kath. There's a weight off both our shoulders now.

Love the ginormous smile on cartoon Milly. Sapphire has so much talent. Music, cooking and now cartooning as well.

Nicole said...

I feel so guilty reading this Kath. My own dog (our first baby before we had children) has been sadly neglected since they arrived... Poor Biddy:(

nuttynoton said...

Dogs are so loyal and loving, I am sorry but i believe they are more giving than cats and so much crave attention and love and are so supportive when life is difficult. I know I have been there and found it. Keep smiling and onwards and upwards!!

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Helen. Milly had a heap of (mostly unwanted) attention this morning when she threw up in her beanbag and had a bath and a blow dry for breakfast!

River, Sapphire's caught Milly's smile perfectly. Even the vet says, "Oh this dog is a smiler, isn't she?"

Nicole all you have to do is include her. If she can see and hear and smell what you're doing, she'll be happy.

Nutty, I will. And am.

Louise said...

How fantastic is that drawing? You have a very talented daughter. It's lovely to have it framed so it can be treasured. I wish I could draw something half as brilliant as that, but have sadly never been able to draw. When I draw hands at work I have to do them big because I trace my own (it never works very well when it's a right hand).

Baino said...

Why are you teary about work? Keep looking for something else. I did. It takes time and I find the first job you take is rarely the one you feel most comfortable in. Love the cartoon

Lidian said...

Sapphire has amazing drawing talent!

Sounds like you did exactly the right thing. I know that freelancing at home is perfect for me, too - and for our cats, who like to know I am around (one of them is snoring right now, so I really do know she is there)

Nicole said...

Kath - she does still sleep in our bed so I guess she's not too deprived!