Friday, June 26, 2009

Mystery Five is solved, now for Number Six

Those pink dots, dear reader, were sprayed only at selected houses, not every single house in my suburb.

That's because we pink dotters are special. And really, really good, because we didn't have any of these in our gardens:

The Queensland Fruit fly: about as unwanted as a Queenslander human in these parts. Presumably one of these little insects (and a few thousand eggs) decided to stow away in an illegal orange hidden in the depths of a cabin bag so that they could visit the colder place with the much better coffee, culture and Aussie Rools footy 24/7.

Apart from the rural fruit growing regions, it was our weeny suburb that also attracted a fair bit of attention from the Department of Primary Industries, who issued a media release.

Soon after we arrived and my attention was finally diverted from how to cram a households' worth of moving boxes into a fortnightly recycling bin roughly the size of *one* of the 2469 boxes I had to get rid of, I saw four utes pull up and a pack of green and silver suited DPI crew climb out, with backpacks and spray nozzles. They kind of reminded me of the Ghostbusters guys except that half of them were women and there were no special effects or dodgy synthesiser music accompanying them.

One came over to say 'G'day' and give Milly a pat. She explained that the pink dots, which had been sprayed a couple of weeks earlier, showed them which houses they didn't need to spray at because fruit fly hadn't been found there. "You'll find a tiny trap hanging in your tree though."

She was right - they came through to double check the trap which was essentially a clear plastic jar with a sticky bait in it to attract any stray fruit fly. It hadn't been disturbed, so they took it away and said, "See, that's why you've got the pink dots: we don't have to bother you again."

See, told you I was special.

I rang my 'Mystery Number Six' subject, who breathed a sigh of relief so loudly down the phone it ruffled my hair. "Well thank god for that," she said, now prepared to reveal herself as 'Mary'. "I'm seeing a few mates tonight so I'll set them all straight."
"So, Mary, your mystery has been solved. Will you meet with me to explain this sign in your window?"

There was a long pause. "Okay. But on neutral territory. You, Me and ~~there was an inaudible mutter~~ at Pepper. 10am. Don't be late."

"I won't be - I'll be the one wearing pink dots."


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

River said...

You'll be wearing pink dots? pink dotted clothing? Bright pink dots on your cheeks? A pink spotted handbag/backpack? Pink spotted ribbon in your hair?

So glad you don't have fruit fly. I hear the spray smells awful, plus you'd have to keep Milly and Skipper inside until it dissipates.

cube said...

OK, I was wrong about the origin of the pink dots (My guess was
Pepto Bismol-related), but you have a mighty cute dog.

Baino said...

Fruit fly in Flemington? Well I'll be buggered. You are such a meet up whore! Enjoy your get-together. I wish I was as gregarious as you when it comes to meeting people and asking the hard questions.

eleanor bloom said...

Hoorah. Another one solved! It had been scratching away at the back of my mind those wee dots (although, if it continues now, don't worry, I shall see a doctor...).

I love how we can even see the super sleuther at work in the reflection of the glass. There's Kath! On the job! (Even in Perth I feel safer somehow).

Kath Lockett said...

Er, you too, tagskie

My 'pink dots' are usually the zits I've got on my face and neck due to continual overindulgence in chocolate... they stand out on my pallid complexion...

Cube - Milly is indeed cute and I really envy her inbuilt black eyeliner that takes her from morning to night with elegance and style and never smudges.

You're right, Eleanor - my reflection's there, I honestly hadn't noticed. Spent the arvo sniffing out a few other mysteries to photograph and it's lovely to know that you feel safe in Perth. As for Perth, if you ever find the time, tune in to Bernadette Young's afternoon show on ABC Perth at 2pm (your time) because we often have a bit of a chat....

So, any guesses as to what the sign is about?

Jack Bovine said...


I love it.
Your style, your structure, your r,r+m, but more so, the story.