Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm KNIHLing my laptop

That's a silent 'n' in the blog header, by the way. I've had my laptop for four years now and I've worn away the K, N, I, H and L keys. Sure, they're holding together with a combination of dropped chocolate shavings, crystallised coffee sploshes and stray eyelashes but my touch-typing 'skills' mean that I know where to find them even if my eyes don't.

I'm sure it's because I frequently type out:

Kaleidoscopically kleptomaniacal kidnappings of Kalashnikovs kicked in the kidneys

Naming the nadir of suffering a Neuroendocrinological necrosis

Illustrating the Inconceivably, indefatigably, inexplicably incomprehensible incidents in irrelevancies

Handling the hegemony of horrifically hypersensitive Humanitarians

Lamenting the lackadaisical Legislative liabilities

...or is it because I frequently tap out the words

K ath, knowledgable, knit-wit, kid, knave, knickers, knuckle, knock out, Kama Sutra, Kamikaze, knockers.

N No, Never-Saying-No, nonsense, nude, nobheads, nerdish, noteworthy, normal, numb

I Inspirational, itchy, irritable, ink, ill, industrious, intelligent, idiosyncratic, inimitable

H ell, Haigh's, hog, high-school, hot-head, hopeful, hatred, heartache, humungous

L Lockett, Love, Love Chunks, lurk, laugh, like, learn, look, lick

.... instead?
And try as I might, I can not think of a word that uses all five letters... Can you?


The Man at the Pub said...

I was sure 'Lindt' would be one of your L words!

River said...

My laptop is two and a half, so far all I've worn out is the touch pad. Grrr. I miss my touchpad. I have a mouse now instead.

Anonymous said...

life isn't so bad. My brother took home his brand new laptop and left it on the lounge. His 4 year old daughter promptly picked all the letters and numbers off the keyboard and left them on the ground. 2 hours off frustrated labour got them all back on again so he went off to reward himself with a hard earned cup of tea. silly bugger left the laptop where his 4 year old daughter could reach it. He still can't find three of the letters. Don't know whose smarter, my brother or my 4 year old niece

Baino said...

Haha! I'd rubbed so many letters off my old work keyboard that we used to use it for 'typing tests' for new employees. That sorted the keyboard lookers from the touch typists in a jiffy . .Karma Sutra? Saucy devil!

Kath Lockett said...

LINDT! How could I forget LINDT! ...and I was even *eating* some at the time of writing this flippin article!

eleanor bloom said...

Could just be the patch you've worn when passed out, I mean, napping at your computer - you know, where your head's landed.
*ahem* not that i'd know.....


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Kath Lockett said...

Eleanor, it might be the case but chocolate and coffee spillage coupled with my hugely active and fast typing fingers is more likely :)

Er, right, Lover of Moon Lover. Moving right along....

Shekhar said...

I think this is why people learn typing including me.
I learned typing from an institute.