Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cake-hole Chaos

We've all had 'Dyslexia Days' where whatever we type comes out lal worgn and causes a tol of imstsakes or had embarrassing bouts of 'Erroneous Eyes' when you'll see one person but be thinking of someone else and greet them with, "Hi Tracey - sorry, I meant Neil, honestly I did, but y'see I was just talking to Tracey on the phone and ..."

......Haven't we?

But have you ever had a Mangled Mouth Day?

No? You're probably shaking your head and wondering, 'Kath's a bit odd at the best of times, but this time I have absolutely no idea what she's on about and am going straight to Cute Overload to clear my mind right now.' If so, let me tell you about my morning so far.

I think my lips have gone on strike. No, before my husband Love Chunks interjects and says, "YOU - SILENT? That'll be the day," a bit more explanation is required. By going on strike I mean my actual lips seem to have forgotten how to drink things properly.

Several times this morning whilst expecting - as per every other morning of my lengthy adult life - to absent-mindedly slurp my coffee and remain dry, the exact opposite has happened. Like a root-canal victim still under the influence of dentist chair anaesthesia, the hot brown liquid splashed all over my top like a shower head. And not just once.

Later on, I decided to treat myself to a glorious chunk of almond nougat. It goes down a treat for morning tea when my sugar levels are merely at Diabetes Level 2 Lose-a-Limb stage and not at the Optimum Working Conditions for Kath Lockett range. Chewing away happily, I sang along to the iPod - "I am Milk, I am red hot kitchen; I am cool, Cool as the deep blue ocean" until twinkle time. As I washed my hands, I did my (sadly) usually jokey muscle flex at the mirror, only to discover with horror that partially-masticated almonds and white nougar had inserted their ugly selves into every single gap in my teeth.

Oh Jeez, no wonder the parcel guy was leaning so far away from me as I signed his receipt pad and Stuart next door now thinks that not only am I a terrible singer but also enjoy rinsing my my dentures in oatmeal.

No matter, a quick do-over with the floss and I was sparkly white and socially acceptable again. Now, where was the rest of that nougat.....

Did I tell you that it was rolled in a generous sedimentary layer of Bolivian cocoa? And that when I popped out to the shop to get some milk and had what I thought was an engaging chat to Narelle I got home to discover that the dust had settled on my upper lip, making me look like an Albino Mexican bandit in dire need of electrolysis? ~*Sigh*~

Clearly it was time to stay inside and away from innocent civilians. Besides, I'd discovered an ulcer in my cheek, and whilst tapping away on the laptop I had another touchy-feely festival going on inside my head as my tongue continually flicked at and worried the ulcer. Why oh why couldn't I just leave it alone?

Actually, I did, because it was then I noticed that my tongue had one of those annoying little pimples on the end. I then wasted a fair bit more time, effort and imagination by trying to bite the little bugger off by wedging it between my top and bottom front teeth. This was not successful and just succeeded it making it swell up and hurt a bit more. Now it's impossssssible to ssssssay anything with the letter Ssssss in it without ssssssound like SSsssssir Hisssss from Robin Hood. And it hurts too.

Then the blister on the roof of my mouth started to sting and throb and reminded me of the dangers of inhaling hot coffee straight from the kettle instead of being patient and waiting for it to cool, as I neglected to do so earlier in the day. The crinkly, wet skin that remained protested painfully as my pestering pimple tongue started to explore it.

And thus, here you find me, suffering from a Mangled Mouth day. Stuff It: I'm off to create total mayhem by cleaning my teeth with ultra strong mint and then glug down a glass of unsweetened orange juice..... Living on the edge baby, the Edge!


Benjamin Solah said...

Hah! I've got an ulcer type thing in the side of my cheek too. Can never help but play with it as I type furiously about people chanting patriotic slogans who get turned into zombies...

I swear, I'm not weird like you.

franzy said...

"I got an ulcer from hot coffee"?
What about the trials of the broken toe? Is that why we're getting so many 'inside' blogs lately?

(yes, it's better than 'no' blogs, but I've only got one hand!)

Kath Lockett said...

Neither of us are weird, Benjamin, just honest!

Franzy - Oh Temporarily-One-Handed typist, I didn't get an ulcer from hot coffee, I got a blister. The ulcer is a mystery, but one I've been 'treating' with the soothing alkaline liquid otherwise known as Farmers' Union Iced Coffee.

The toe is getting better and hasn't stopped me from running. It's a nice black and purple colour and my panicked ministrations in the shower have ensured that it'll heal straight.

River said...

Live on the edge by all means, but please don't fall off. We'd miss you.

Years ago a boy who had a crush on me insisted on coming to my work station every day after lunch for a chat. Unfortunately his favourite lunch was thick cheese on thick white bread, he was a front-of-mouth chewer and didn't believe in toothbrushing more than once a week it seemed. I flinched every time he smiled at me.

Cat J B said...

Funnily enough....actually it's not funny at all..... I have one of those ouchy pimple things on the end of my tongue too. And I am irritating it by constantly poking it into the hole I have somehow bitten inside my bottom lip. That's when I'm not biting the hole with my teeth, which are feeling not great because of an emerging wisdom tooth.

I haven't checked aforementioned teeth in the mirror since brushing them in the am, hope I'm not copying the rest of your day too....

Helen said...

Oh no! how bizarre that I happened to read this after a on discussion about dentists... I find putting a bit of salt on the ulcer heps, hurts like nothing on earth and then it goes numb...

drb said...

Ulcer in mouth = lack of Vit B
Pimple on tongue = lack of Vit B

Get some Vit B

Kath Lockett said...

Ah good, so it's not just me, then?

Vitamin B, Dr B?

River said...

Vitamin B, plus A;D;C and zinc

Baino said...

Only you are brave enough to confess what we've all done. Like bite those little tongue probiscussy things until we bleed or chew the inside of our teeth. My current stress disorder has me chewing the quick on my nails to the point that they're so tender I've bought rubber gloves for the first time! Oh and with the toe . . I had a blackened toe nail (no idea where from, must have dropped a brick on it in a drunken stupor), had a pedicure and my nails painted a pretty caramel brown . .gawn! And a pampering to boot!

Yep, Vegemite on Toast and orange juice for brekky for you my girl!

@River "front of mouth chewer" Classic. There's blog fodder there girl . . .chews like a . ..go on . .you know you want to!

ashleigh said...

Sounds like you need to chug a bottle of Listerine. That'll sort ya.

Oh and don't you mean Alan Ssssssssssssssssearle?

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