Thursday, September 04, 2008

Single Sentence September

.....isn't happening here. Although I do wish I'd been smart enough to think of it first.

Blogger buddy, Franzy, owner of the superb blog '
Writing' and the bloke with the amazing capacity to always provide intelligent, hilarious and/or thoughtful contributions to comments sections near and far, has set himself a challenge.

He's going to write one sentence for every day of this month - hence the title, Single Sentence September. After enthusiastically supporting my Appreciative August-a-thon (37,000 words, 263 comments) he's decided to set himself a challenge that only a Queensland-dwelling, Coffee Club Cocoa Dust-inhaling, PhD student can handle. He explained:

Kath, I take my hat off to you. Well done. You have inspired me. Kind of. In the opposite direction.This isn't a piss-take, but next month on Writing has been declared Single Sentence September. I will be posting every day, Kath-style. One sentence. And one sentence only. Per day.

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that my sentences can turn into paragraphs, so there will no lack of content, but I'm also aiming for "interesting".

Wait and see.
I said: wait and see.
Will you just shut up already?
Over there, behind those sheds. Count to a hundred and we'll come and get you. But no peeking!

Get over to Single Sentence September and add a comment. In one sentence, of course.


TOM said...

Great Idea, I'll have to check it out !!

franzy said...

Aw shucks.

Helen said...

That's an awesome idea, although ti coould be tough - watch this be the month when everthing exciting happens ad t's really hard to fit into one sentence!

River said...

I'm liking Franzy's Single Sentence September as much as I liked your Appreciative August. It's got me wondering what's in store for October..........etc.

Anonymous said...

>>It's got me wondering what's in store for October..........etc.

Rocktober, by the look of it.