Thursday, October 02, 2008

Love Chunks' Numbers

My darling husband, Love Chunks, turns forty one today. Some of you already know about my Rainman-like preoccupation with numbers and there's a wee fact about his birthdate and mine that's always appealed to me.

He was born on 2/10/1967 (or should that be 10/2/1967 for the Yanks amongst us), and I was born on 3/11 /1968.

That makes him one year, one month and one day older than me.

I don't know if he was born at 6pm or not, but I'm hoping so. Or maybe 5:59pm, so that I can be extra creative and add 'one hour and one minute' to the equation as well.

Just something I've observed......

Happy Birthday, Love Chunks.


Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! 1967 was a sterling year for the birth of simply sensational people : - )

Have a great day!

Casey said...

Happy birthday! How strange that you two are 1:1:1 apart.

I like numbers too, I was born on 3/3/77 which I always liked. Not sure what time though.

Anonymous said...

41? You guys are such kids.

BS (48)

Deep Kick Girl said...

Happy birthday, LC! Hope you have a great long weekend of celebrating.

River said...

If you wanted to add one hour and one minute, he'd have to be born at 4:59, not 5;59, which is only one minute difference.........
Happy birthday Love Chunks
Today is also my ex husbands birthday. The old bugger is 60 now.

Dawtch said...

Happy Birthday to the "Love Chunks" - for you Kath, I send a birthday spell to him...
Lady watch over
This man getting older,
Keep his step light,
And from his hair white,
Let all parts still flow-
Allow no function to go,
Strong of back,
And strong of knee,
This is my will,
So mote it be!

And congrats on the Trivia win!!!
Also, in honor of your number compulsion, which I think I share a bit, here are a few personal tidbits - I was born Feb. 3, 1967, ad 4:56, written out it looks something like this...
2345667 (if you leave out colons & slashes and switch it around a bit...)
My sister on the other hand was born November 1, 1974 at 11:01 -
Here we have a plethora of ones (or 11s, whichever you prefer)
11/1/74 (7+4=11) 11 01...
Just thought I'd share *grin*

DrB said...

Happy Birthday LC!!!
Many Happy Returns!!

p.s Surprised to see a new blog, didn't think you have access to a computer in sheepland...

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks guys - am reading this at an internet outpost at Waitomo, New Zealand, home of the glow worm caves. Managed to set the post up a week ago by changing the date to 2nd of October, so it would be up at the right time to celebrate Love Chunks' birthday.

He was treated to seeing loads of wild dolphins playing next to the boat that took us on a lovely cruise of the Bay of Islands - several jumped out of the water. Tonight we're staying in a rather twee converted railway carriage before checking out caves and glow worms tomorrow and then off to Rotarua.

Internet access has been dodgy, to say the least, otherwise I would have done a couple of blogs by now!

Baino said...

I was just beginning to wonder about you Ms Locket, haven't posted for a while and he's very cute is his royal chunkiness! Happy b'day Love Chunks . .shit, that reminds me mines only just over a week or so away! Bleagh! Forty is the new fifty so enjoy!

@Dawtch . . please can I have a save my creaky knees spell . .this Indian Summer has made them very sore!

Numbers make me cry!

Miles McClagan said...

My birthday is officially 10/9/78, which is 10978, which is the folio number on my birth certificate, the printed number of the soccer programme we bought with me in it when I was the mascot, and....

Oh, sorry, happy birthday, I won't hog the spotlight!

delamare said...

Happy - belated - birthday Mr Chunks.

(PS Kath, my birthday is the day before yours ... I'm a sixties baby too, albeit several years before you. Like you I've always been a bit obsessed with numbers, and love the way that 2 and 11 fit together.)

franzy said...

Yeah yeah, Happy Birthday LC, etc ...

More importantly - MORE BLOGS! Wtf? I don't CARE if the internet is dodgy. Get cracking.

Numbers? Mum and I were 32 years apart to the minute. The end.

More blogs.
Typey typey.

squib said...

Hi Kath, hope you're having a beautiful holiday!

lc said...

Quite overwhelmed by birthday wishes from virtual strangers! (Not all!)

Thanks - I generally get my birthday wish everyday anyway - being with my girls.