Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Mosaic thingy

The eloquent Western Australian Lady Eleanor Bloom tagged me for my mosaic. Each picture is supposed to the visual answer to the following questions. I've loved looking at everyone else's but sometimes feel as though I also need a written word next to it. Therefore, I'm going to go all party-pooper on your arses and put the answer next to the question before you see the actual photo I've selected. All clear? Good:

  1. My first name - Katherine
  2. Favourite food - Chocolate
  3. High school - Murray Bridge High School, South Australia
  4. Favourite colour - blue
  5. Celebrity crush - John Cusack
  6. Favourite drink - Farmers Union Iced Coffee
  7. Favourite place for a holiday - London
  8. Favourite dessert - anything chocolately, moussey, lemony, caramely, cakey, sticky, honeyish, fortified, nut-studded or cheesecakey
  9. What I want to be when I grow up - a writer
  10. What I love most in life - Love Chunks, Sapphire and Milly
  11. What could describe me - goofily anxious
  12. My flickr name - used to be Millymoo

I've kind of done this before but in a much less sophisticated way by just adding each picture as a direct response. The trouble is, my mosaic won't let me post the proper answer to question ten:

What do you love most in life?
So here is my answer:

... and here.


Baino said...

Awwww . . .I've done this one before too but not as a mosaic. And . . you're previous post seems to have disappeared although I can see it in Reader . . .yep, it's gettin' chilly alright and my Bolivian socks have holes in the toes. Had to go into the city yesterday and bought a scarf it was so cold. I'm thinking of buying a pair of ugg boots at lunchtime today! Brrrrrr . . . .(take heart Kath, our Winter is slightly warmer than Ireland's summer!)

eleanor bloom said...

Oh, your no.10's are lovely!!
Your 'goofily anxious' is pretty cool too. Love it!

Like how chocolaty both ours are!

-'Lady' Bloom

*tee hee*

(gosh that makes me sound old! ... better than Dame though...;)