Friday, May 30, 2008

Photo Fables

I've spent the day with Sapphire's year 3/4 class at Nirvana Farm in the Adelaide Hills and then on to her classmate Sam's property for cubby house making with wild bamboo, blackberry bushes and gum tree branches. Therefore I'm slightly sunburnt, have very little voice and am dying to sit down, eat more chocolate and have another glass of wine. How her teacher deals with those 29 hopping mice on espresso every day astounds me......

I'm stealing this 'pictorially speaking' idea from Baino. Seems about all I've got the strength for tonight. Sapph's in bed, Milly's snoring in her beanbag at my feet, Love Chunks is watching the Crows Vs Essendon and Skipper's in his hutch eating a late supper of carrot and capsicum and I'm about to eat and review some Lindt 'cookies and cream' balls. All is relatively right in my corner of the world.

What is your first name?

What is your favourite food?

What high school did you go to?



What is your favourite colour?

Even better if
has something
to do with it.

Who is your celebrity crush?

It's been John Cusack ever since seeing 'The Sure Thing' in 1985; solidified by 'Say Anything' in 1989 and forever sealed with 2000's 'High Fidelity'.

Favourite drink?

and H2O.

Dream holiday?

New York - with money no object, then a relaxing recovery at a 5 star beach resort: anywhere with clean sheets, cold drinks and a kids' club.

Favourite dessert?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happy, with a healthy and happy family. Financially OK. Working with dogs, or having a dog work alongside me....

.... with hopefully some of the spirit, wisdom, kindness, originality, personality, perseverence, genuine interest in others and irreverence that my Grandpa had.

What do you love most in life?

What one picture describes you?


Baino said...

This is such a fun meme aint it? And my don't you have a sweet tooth! How the hell did you get a job as a chocolate critic! And if you tell me you get paid to eat chocolate I'll spit! Do you know anyone who'll pay me to drink champagne?

jen x said...

Love this meme -- and great photos of *you* :-)

Kath Lockett said...

Baino - got the job as a choccy review from when I submitted a review detailing my guilty love for Cadbury Creme Eggs (especially when they're half price after Easter). Dom pays me just enough to keep up my chocolate consumption. Will soon post a radio spot I did on 5AA about the topic....

Thanks Jen X - I always take a mighty fine photo - the camera loves me!

River said...

Nice. That hippo just about describes me too.

TOM said...

Kath that was awesome..Love the picture of Gramps on the MotorBike!!

I love the old pictures, but of course you know that already!!

eleanor bloom said...

Some of those photos are just gorgeous!! *warm and fuzzy* (again!)

And esp warm re John Cusack - very nice pic.

And there's dark m&ms now??!! Nobody told me!!!! (or, quite likely, I forgot.)

suzette said...

This meme is fun! You have good photos collection ya? ;)
A vote for you in BOTB - good luck in this battle!

Rosanna said...

What a gorgeous meme, and what gorgeous photos of you at school! In Scotland! Jealous much.

myninjacockle said...

I'm with Tom. Your grandpa looked awesome.

Kath Lockett said...

I'll re-do a short story I did on Grandpa for youse soon, I promise.

Yep dark M&Ms. Launched with little fanfare, and lurking shyly near the bottom shelf in the confectionery section of the supermarket. Worth finding!