Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lovin' the Liebster Award

I feel doubly honoured because both River of Drifting Through Life and Jackie K of Working Through it have kindly passed on the Liebster award. I want to thank them both most sincerely as I enjoy reading every word of their blogs and look forward to seeing their updates when they pop up on my dashboard reader.

What's a Leibster? Google translate informs me that 'leibster' means 'favorite' and who wouldn't get a kick out of being selected as that? The idea behind this award is to pay it forward to another five blogs who have less than 200 followers and then asking those bloggers to select five others that they feel deserve recognition.

Trouble is, I've had several rounds of visitors, a lingering bout of the flu and a few (much appreciated) freelance writing gigs to complete so I'm in danger of potentially nominating bloggers who have already received the Leibster.

River wrote: "Kath's was the first blog I ever read and she was among the first few who encouraged me to start my own blog. She's funny, she's real and is currently living in Geneva.'

Jackie K said: 'So many people read and love this blog that I am surprised it still qualifies for this award. Kath writes personal and family stuff with a difference - funny and profound, illustrated with her lovely/funny photos, her posts usually have me snorting with laughter or smiling wryly in recognition, like a crazy lady at my computer. And they always make me think."

Both of those comments made me cry today.

Perhaps I should explain. I have no doubt that receiving this lovely little acknowledgement will annoy my anonymous new 'buddy' who has recently enjoyed trolling here after taking offence at a two year old article containing my opinion that tagging public and private property was NOT art, nor was it to be celebrated.

Immaturely, I decided to play the game and defend myself. Not a clever choice perhaps, but it gave me a bit of satisfaction. Ironically, for someone so incensed by my very existence, the troll showed no signs of leaving my blog and had actually gone and read more of my articles, bless 'im. Personal and obscene insults were of course his modus operandi and most of them have been deleted (no-one needs an in-depth but ill-informed discussion about my internal plumbing) but an anonymous troll avoiding his homework and official bedtime is NOT going to change my mind.

Nor do I believe that just because a vandal is longer alive their petty, ugly and frequent acts of vandalism are now required to be automatically revered and respected. Hopefully K/Clerk/s of Flemington is also remembered for more positive action than being ubiquitous with a fat felt tip. So Clerk remains a jerk.

On to the complete opposite of Poo Faced Troll Boy - deserved Leibster blogs. In no discernible order, I nominate:

Hannah at Wayfaring Chocolate - Delightfully funny, quirky, cute, clever and a whizz with peanut butter and inventive new descriptors. Recently claimed that she'd escaped the romantic clutches of a young swain but my fingers are crossed that some intellectual, happy dancing, vegan-leaning, travel lovin' wisecracker on a humungous salary earned doing good things crosses her cocoa nib-strewn path.

Jon and Jenny at Teach or Beach - Teachers and travellers with adventures, videos and advice to share. Everything from the Killing Fields to playing with tigers. Informative and beautifully photographed.

Radge at Radgery - Irish journo whose turn of phrase is delicious and dryly delightful. Local football references or specifically-Irish references may fly over my thick head, but his self-deprecating observations have me smiling in admiration and jealousy. Talented git.

Elisabeth at Sixth in line - The queen of fictional autobiography, or self-edited memoirs, or biased reminiscences or ....... just utterly beguiling, heart rending, tear-jerking, heart poundingly raw and emotive writing. So effortlessly talented and a pleasure to read.

Diane at Adventure before Dementia - The type of grey nomad and grandma I hope to be. Full of energy, compassion and interest in everything around her. A dab hand with a camera too.

Now I have to go and let these inspirational five know that they've received some Leibster lovin'.

Before that however, a final shout out to blogs often languishing but never forgotten:

Myninjacockle of The Loaded Blog
Helen at Bonding with lizards
Marie at How I learned to stop worrying and love herring
Delamere at Listen no longer in silence
Miles McClagan at One Way Suburban Conversation
Pub Man at The Man at the Pub
.... and Franzy who writes rarely but I read every. single. word.


Hannah said...

Oh Kath! Now I'm sitting here with my eyes all misty and my heart rather wobbly. Thank you, thank you for your kind words. I feel a bit overwhelmed! xoxo

(P.S. As much as I am truly happy being single and don't focus all my energy on man-huntin', I do hope to one day meet someone who makes me change my mind about all of that. And I hope he's exactly what you've so generously imagined for me :) )

Elephant's Child said...

I can think of few people more deserving of the liebster award. Indeed I thought that you no longer qualified, and was amazed to see that you do.
Troll boy is an oxygen thief, but the rest of us smirk loudly through most of your posts and sob (equally loudly) through a few of the others.
Essentially you and yours rock!

River said...

Oooh! A few new names for me to check out over the weekend.

MedicatedMoo said...

Thanks Hannah - utterly deserved.

E-Child, thanks for that. I seem to have less than 200 'followers' via blogger, but my stats counter thingy shows more visits and page views - presumably via other means....?

Elisabeth said...

Oh Kath. You are too kind. I'm delighted with this award and will do my best to reciprocate as soon as I can find time.

Of all people you are the last who needs such troll-litter on your blog, but hopefully it will pass.

Jon and Jenny said...

Thank you Kath. Having returned from an exciting day in which we became certified elephant mahouts, this was icing on the cake. Our first award! Looking fwd to checking out the other award winners' sites as well. Loved the name 'Adventure before Dementia.' We resemble that. Jon and Jenny

Jackie K said...

Hi Kath,
That's lovely, thanks also for your kind words.
Just read all the trolling. Bloody hell - that's horrible. Good on you holding your own in that conversation though! You win.

Helen Balcony said...

I don't get it, why do you let these people comment? Doesn't Blogger have a function for automoderation according to keywords, IP addresses and email addresses? Surely at the very least your blogging software allows you to delete or disemvowel comments. Problem solved.

ropcorn said...

Congrats to the award(s) Kath! Well deserved indeed. And I will be sure to check out your nominees as well. :-)

nuttynoton said...

Do you know some people have too much time on their hands to create mischief. You definitely deserve the award, you make me laugh and think and that takes some doing. Keep your thoughts, stories and life coming through the blog.

Lad Litter said...

Will check out those blogs on your recommendation, Kath. Fancy having a troll - in a roundabout way, and unpleasantness aside, it's kind of like a sign you've "made it" in the blogosphere.

Lad Litter said...

Will check out those blogs on your recommendation, Kath. Fancy having a troll - in a roundabout way, and unpleasantness aside, it's kind of like a sign you've "made it" in the blogosphere.

MedicatedMoo said...

It's passed, Elisabeth. Just by finally adding 'your comment will be visible after blog owner approval' for the first time in eight years has worked a treat!

Thanks JackieK. I just couldn't let it pass. Up to a point, then the comment 'approval' thingy came on.

You're right, Helen. At first I actively went for the jugular and left his comments up there, hoping that the majority of the blog readers would see what a tool he was being. Then it got boring (and time consuming) and now the 'prior approval' thing is on and will stay on.

Ropcorn, thanks. The 'others' are the SLACK ones who NEED to blog but don't very often.

Er, thanks Lad Litter. I would have preferred flowers or a gift voucher from the troll though.

Nutty, thank you so much!

R.H. said...

Astonishing you didn't plant an award on Copperwitch, best blog in the universe.

MedicatedMoo said...

RH, I think Coppy was awarded it a while ago :)

R.H. said...

You're right, it was the same award, I didn't realise. Thanks.

diane b said...

Thanks for thinking that my blog is worthy of an award. I am honoured when it comes from you. Your writing is so addictive, I can't wait to see a new post from you as I know it will be funny and topical.
I'm running behind with my blogging as I'm still trying to catch up with homecoming chores, but i sure will check out your other award winning blogs.
I didn't realise you had a troll commenter, don't they have a life???