Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nude Wombats

nuts not like balls nuts but like almonds and stuff

sheedy kevin choc

when you win a free boost bar where do you get it from?

is warwick capper circumcised?

bum lamb pics

i like when burbs kiss low

My bra cuts



Deformed Malteser

......I guess all of the above search terms leading to Blurb from the Burbs are largely deserved, if puzzling, and I'm now about to unplug the computer and do the last lot of vaccuuming.

Love Chunks' jumper is covered in dust as he's been the Number One Lifter and Mover in every large item that has left the house. Allen keys, screw drivers and the sack-truck are the items he reaches for most now that Mrs Krups and his beloveds* are gone.

Milly no longer barks when the doorbell rings but stays in her beanbag: slightly anxious and puzzled. How do I explain to her that she's about to go to a boarding kennel for six weeks before being packed into an airconditioned crate for 27 hours but that we haven't abandoned her? I've decided that lots of belly rubs and head kisses will have to do. That and sleeping in the same t-shirt for ten days so that she has memories to sniff for a while.

The house now echoes due to its emptiness and sleeping on a blow up mattress last night alongside a restless almost-twelve-year-old child was informative rather than relaxing. She's everything you'd expect to be right now - sad, worried, trying to be confident, tired and a funny combination of occasional exuberance closely followed by a shutdown; blonde hair swinging down over her face as she withdraws to the safe and controllable world of the iPad as her parents scurry and bustle around her.

A pongy t-shirt and frequent belly rubs aren't going to help, but maybe frequent kisses, some hand holding and regular 'Mmm hmms' when she wants to open up and talk at 1am just might.
See youse in cyberspace soon!

* Arcosteel copper-bottom saucepan set, bought during his first year of post-university work in 1989. No metal scourer was allowed within sight of his 'beloveds' and I used to joke that if we ever got divorced, they'd be cited as an item of interest for him. Despite this, they were sold (and waved off with relief) two days ago.


Anonymous said...

Is it a case of going, going, gone? Safe travelling and look out Geneva.

Baino said...

Aww I'm so glad you're taking Millie I wondered what you were going to do with her. Come online ASAP, here starts the big adventure, good luck, bon voyage. Talk to you soon! MWAH

Anonymous said...

Happy travelling, see you on the other side xx

Marie said...

I'll have to do that Google search post myself one day. I look at some of the searches that bring people to my blog and think wtf?

Tell LC I'm with him on the Arcosteels. I bought a set myself in the seventies and loved, loved, loved them, carefully cleaning them with my special copper cleaner.

I know exactly what you are going through with Millie. How to explain to them that they are coming with you and not to worry. But having observed my fluffball for a while, I think that they understand much more than we think. Not that they won't try and turn the emotional thumbscrews just in case. She'll sniff her tshirt and know you are coming for her. Just think of the welcome you are going to get in six weeks!

Bon voyage! Looking forward to having at least one of my blog friends in the same time zone as me at last!

Pandora Behr said...

Just so you kow, Mrs Krups appears to be very happy - just have to work out how to get the water temperature up a but. But she's got a new pride of place and is being loved.

Cathie said...

I’m more of a lurker than a poster, but felt I just had to say how much I’ve appreciated your Melbourne flavoured blogs and how much I’m looking forward to your family’s new adventures in Geneva.

Hope the stinky t-shirt provides some comfort for poor Millie and the six weeks fly by as I’m sure Millie isn’t the only one who’s going to find this difficult! Give Millie an extra belly rub from me and safe travels to you all.

Marie said...

A P.S. that has just occurred to me... you are really going to Geneva, aren't you? Please tell me that you weren't selling off all worldly possessions because of tonight's "Rapture"?

River said...

I know you three will be fine, but I'm in tears thinking of Milly in a kennel for six weeks. I hope the kennel people give her lots of belly rubs too and make sure she has your t-shirt at all times. When she arrives in Geneva you can bet she won't let you out of her sight for more than two seconds at a time.

Hannah said...

So close now! So close! ZIPPEEEE!!!!

Imogen said...

Sliding out of the mists of Lurkdom to say, wow...

Just wow. What an awesome adventure. THANK YOU for sharing this journey with us.

Geneva. Wow.

Bon Voyage (and virtual belly rubs for Millie)

Lidian said...

Thinking of you all! Safe journey and look forward to reading about life in Geneva

xx Lidian

nuttynoton said...

safe journey and look forward to hearing from you in a week or two wish Sapphire a happy birthday from us

anabels said...

Safe journeys and happy landings! Looking forward to hearing about your European adventures once Milly gets you stop playing with her when she gets there!

Elephant's Child said...

So close. So exciting. So scary. Who is going to wear the sweaty T shirt for us? And for you. (sometimes being an adult sucks)
Good luck for you all.

R.H. said...

I haven't been a lurker since my Peeping Tom days. But you never lose the skill. Nor the memory of a good peep; I still recall the addresses.
Bon voyage you funny thing, and here's the chance to say thanks, for being so kind to me. Have a look at Zurich, I thought it was the best city in the world, apart from Edinburgh.

franzy said...

Boi boi, copper-bottoms!

I would be totes sad too.

WV: "presag" - no kidding.

srisang said...

It WAS delicious, I got to share some of it!!

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Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Good luck. Now I'll be able to read your posts in a slightly closer timezone.




Nicole said...

You must be well on your way by now Kath. Good luck and happy travels. Looking forward to your next post.

LJP said...

Why oh why does someone want to know if Warwick Capper is circumcised? Perhaps they are on a diet and want some willpower not to eat anything. Ever.

I haven't visited your blog for a bit and suddenly you're off to Geneva!! Looking forward to your timely posts (yuk yuk!!) ;-)
Good luck with the move and everything!