Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mystery Number Three

Time for another one as my natural nosiness knows few boundaries.

We've already found out about the weirdo lift shaft on top of the housing commission building and know who the fabulous Mr P was and now we need to discover more about this particular little dwelling:

As you can see, it was Milly who sniffed it out first on our stroll back from the Racecourse Road shops, which indicates that several other dogs had selected this tiny residence to do a disrespectful tinkle on. In Dog-World, there's nothing like a good old whizz on a tree and the smell of others' to really set your morning off to a good start.

Whilst she sniffed and whizzed, I noticed that they have a huge chimney stack for a fairly small house, so either the inhabitants frequently feel the cold and enjoy their wood-oven pizzas, or they're anxious asthmatics living with a frequent farter. Either way, it's cute and I do like the jewels and gemstones that are tastefully embedded into the tree trunk.

I've tried knocking on the door of the house it is directly in front of, assuming that because it too is painted in a pale green-and-butter colour scheme that they might know a bit more about their fairy friends, but they're never home. Unless the big house is merely a socially-acceptable front for their real lives as Barbie-sized human mutants who really do live in a tree on the Flemington footpath.

Or they're deliberately hiding from me; it's happened before (and you family members KNOW who you are) .....

But fear not dear reader, I will get to the bottom of this, for all our sakes.

Besides, it surely has to be an easier challenge than trying to understand what these two bits of graffiti mean?

Um Oka-a-a-y, let's tick the box for 'Anus Fighting' because....?

And is the phrase "Hate is for Lovers" there on a sign at one of the city's busiest roundabouts because only lovers are able to feel the white hot angry furious heat of hate after their love has blown to smithereens and destroyed everything around them? Or is it because we should all hate lovers because they're so smug and sickening to be around when all you want to do is get a hose and smack them into sobbing submission and misery like the rest of us?

Any thoughts will be welcomed, considered and appreciated or I won't be able to sleep again tonight.


Helen said...

I have no idea! I just love your writing!

Kath Lockett said...

Aw thanks Helen and right back atcha - your intellectual capacity for writing about modern feminist issues leaves me feeling like a mental pgymy.

...and I need to catch up with Mr Bucket, unless he's still recovering from Fashion Week?

River said...

I think the 'hate is for lovers' applies to both parties. First you get the white hot fury, then when you get over that, you get the smack them sickening bas****s, because you're still wallowing in the misery and don't want to be reminded of what you've lost.

I really love the Fairy tree Milly found. Could you perhaps leave a note in the mailbox of the 'big house' like you did for the Mr P riddle? Then you'd meet more wonderful neighbours and we out here will get our curiosity satisfied. I love what some people do with their imaginations. (Much better than trashing the property).

The Blakkat said...

The gnome house is real cute, but whatever... I just saw you on TV!! How funny, I just happened to catch the end of ACA and there you were in tomorrow night's preview espousing on your favourite topic. So weird, knowing you, but not knowing you... if you know what I mean. At anyrate, I was kinda tickled to see ya on the telly!

Kath Lockett said...

River, I intend on leaving them a polite note ala Mr P. I think I wrote something to Tam like, "I'm not an axe-weilding maniac, just a curious local..."

Hey Blakkat - I know, it's hard to believe.. I had given up being on because the producer said he'd ring me to tell me when the story would be aired and LC calls out, 'Hey, you're ON!'

Baino said...

Hha it's so a fairy house . .and you definitely approach Fairies with fairy things, little pink sparkly notes? Someone told me they bite! Bit different living in the city isn't it? Although an estate near me has just built a beautiful landscaped walk up to an old Homestead that's being restored. Elizabeth Macarthur once lived there but on the way there's a tunnel under a main road and within minutes of the concrete drying the graffiti artists were at it . .actually some's quite good!