Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mm-mmmm Men like them

Now for the fellas - they too weren't forgotten in 1968 Australian womens' magazine land. Sorry Franzy, I wasn't given a 1968 Playboy: my sister-in-law assumed (correctly) that Barbarella B-grade boobies weren't likely to interest me. Sorry about that.

Still, there was some pretty groovy gear to get into:

Whoah, hold me back..... English cricketer Colin Cowdrey is on the left; yes the one with the Rainman pants in a delightful maroon. He told Sally Baker's column that he'd travelled over 150,000 miles on his cricket trips and needed a lot of pairs of slim-silhoutte sporting trousers. He liked these so much that he ordered a dozen pairs. As soon as he slipped on his favoured 'bronzed buckskins' lucky Mrs Cowdrey would easily pick up the sexy signals he was sending......

The Sean Connery lookalike on the right was apparently sporting the ONLY men's outfit chosen by Fibremakers Australia to exhibit at the Frankfurt International fair. We can only hope that those massive white canoes on his feet were an indicator of his other talents....

For chillier occasions, sunshine yellow fisherman's rib jumpers from Emu (the brand, not the feathers, presumably) were the go, especially if they matched your girlfriend's. It was such a flattering tone for everyone and he looked particularly thrilled to be wearing it.

And the craft pages weren't just for baby shawls, cotton carry all or Hostess aprons, oh no. Men too, were 'treated' to some wonderful and useful gear. Who wouldn't have wanted a 'Sir' tie, crocheted by their loved one?

And if you happened to have had an unfortunate incident with a razor and didn't want unsightly bleeding to ruin the enviable entry you'd be making in your snazzy new neckpiece, then these new invisible Band Aids would have been the ideal solution:

So sheer that you'd have been able to write "YOU'RE BLIND' in band aids all over your face and no-one would even have noticed.

I'm off now to try and crochet Love Chunks a tie. After all, he is a "man who likes nothing but the best." I'll be sure to pop on my Hostess apron first though, to keep off any mess.


River said...

Oh Lordy, the white shoes. I'd totally forgoten about the white shoe fad. And thank goodness the crochet and knitted tie idea was short-lived. Trying to tie a neat knot in something that stretched must have been close to impossible.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I'm sure my dad used to have a jumper like that...perhaps mum knitted it for him. My dad's cousin's wife was featured on the front page of AWW, in about the same era as this. She was in her wedding dress - I remember it clearly as it had a hood with white ostrich feathers attached all around it.

The Man at the Pub said...

When I wear this tie,you will call me Sir! Ha ha harrr!

I don't like Scotch Fingers. Should I get therapy?

I reckon Mr. Frankfurt International Fair is stylin. Great jacket. I didn't know retro was big back then.

And wow, that BandAid does look invisible! You just have to get yucky BandAid coloured skin.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Oh so FUNNY! I love looking back old magazines. Which reminds to dig out the box of old Time and Newsweek we have in the garage (handed down from my grandma). They date back to late 60s/early 70s. I particularly remember the trendy radio which was approximately the size of my current dining table.

PS We'll all be looking forward to that photo of LC with his new crocheted tie. Get to it.

vandeputra said...

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Kath Lockett said...

Er thanks Vandeputra, but no thanks.

Deep Kick Girl - you MUST get those magazines out - there'll be some gold in there. GOLD, I tell you!

Catherine - a hood with ostrich feathers? Have you got a picture?

MATP - I agree totally re Mr Frankfurt, but draw the line at his white shoes. And you don't have to like Scotch Fingers but they're a damn sight better than Milk Coffees.

River, please don't tell me that you ever crocheted or knitted a tie for anyone....?

franzy said...

PLEASE tell me you're going to have a shot at crocheting that tie

Fashionputra said...

His sartorial elegance will be increase!

JahTeh said...

The universe is trying to tell me something. First a letter from a solicitor asking me what to do with my l970 will with the ex and he (the ex)wore a crocheted tie. He wore suede boots thank goodness.

WV is nitym