Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unmissable movie night

Wah-hey - check out what movies are on the box at Chateau Milly Moo's house tonight mateys! I kid you not - these are the exact words in our TV guide. And who said that non-ratings television was so bad it could dissolve your brain cells via the stench emanating through the screen's pixels?

At 10:10pm, we have Porco Rosso (Japan), which is described in the TV guide as:
"The adventures of a pilot who resembles a pig, who battles air pirates raiding the shipping around the coast of Italy in the 1930s."

Geez, haven't they done the Hero Ham in the Italian skies thing to death by now?

And then, at 11:55pm, there's The Virgin of Lust (Mexico).
"Romance develops between a cruel call girl and an introverted cafe waiter with a foot fetish."

Hmmm, 'Virgin' and 'Lust' in the same title. Could only be on SBS. Soft porn by any other name but if it is has sub-titles it's art house.

Thank the Lord of Lindt for 'Scrubs', 'Entourage' and 'Six Feet Under' on DVD.....


davey said...

Milly, if you dig Six Feet Under you should try to get a copy of the TV series Dexter - a Miami forensics cop who specialises in blood spatter analysis... and is a closet serial killer. Same actor as the gay guy in SFU.

Sounds strange, but is thoroughly addictive and ingeniously written, despite it's lack of swineular aeronautics.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Well, MM you know my thoughts on Dexter. Love him, love him, love him! Already getting anxiety attacks at being half way through Series One and not knowing if Series Two follows directly or if they'll hold onto it for a few months (I'm guessing the latter).

Which reminds me that we need to dig out our dodgy copy of the final series of Six Feet Under we bought in Phuket and start ploughing throughit.

River said...

Six Feet Under? How have I missed that?? Runs to check TV guide........

River said...

Ooops, just realised you wrote Six Feet Under on DVD. Tossing TV guide back onto coffee table now.

franzy said...

Whoa. Hey. Hold up.
You have just encountered your first Ghibli fan. Ease up on the Porco Rosso mockery.
Studio Ghibli is pretty much the Japanese Disney, but with very feminist story-lines (the hero is almost always a strong-minded young girl who puts the fellers in their places). As the mother of a daughter I urge, nay COMMAND you to rush down and rent any of their fine movies and watch them with Saph'. (Hint: you might get Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle at Blockbuster, but for the others, it's off to Alpha!)

And yes, Porco Rosso is probably one of the weaker ones, but it's still an excellent watch.