Friday, March 16, 2007

Lyndsay Lohan's Real Father is Revealed!

How could we not have seen it before - the resemblance between one of our favourite Rehab Rejectees and Iggy Pop is nothing short of uncanny - let alone their behaviour and preferences for pharmaceuticals, firewaters and unflattering hairstyles.

Oh Shaz....if you could only see this photo, you'd think twice about getting more botox in your forehead and get it pumped by the gallon into your neck instead.

Perhaps too you could 'lose' the Avril Lavigne 'so three years' ago teeny angst look too, love. You're old enough to be her white trash grandmother for the love of unrealistically perky boobies!

It's so refreshing to see a celebrity such as Kirsten Dumpst embracing literature and the quest for knowledge in such an eager fashion.

If only she'd now learn how to take a bath, stop smoking, lose the gum-ball machine glasses and reacquaint herself with food, we'd be getting somewhere.

I think this was taken in Noo Yawark, where Jude Whore must be filming, or nanny shagging or ..... popping an anorak on over his pajamas to nip out and get the paper before breakfast.

Liz Burly has finally got married to, um some rather fetching looking bloke who can almost carry off a hotel bedspread as a going away outfit. His wife, on the other hand, seems content to stick to her perennial favourite choice of some Versace Slutty Undergarment. *Sigh* I'd be more surprised to see her in a matching valance or even a pair of trakkie daks....

Does Christina Agmalaria put her make up on in the dark? What kind of look is she going for with white ropey hair, orange skin and eyeshadow that looks as though it was applied by Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?

Or is she really Christopher Aguilera??

We must put a stop to it, because she's already influencing Lyndsey Lowdown far too much on the face paint front.

Aw here I was, ready to get down and groove to Feargal Sharkey on my way to the 1985 Murray Bridge High School Senior Ball...

"Take on me....."
Oh, wait. It's Chloe Sauvignon, and it's 2007 ~shudder~

How this tattoed midget guy called Dave Bizarro with the elephantine earth-shaped head manages to land the ladies is as big a mystery to me as to where all the pens, single socks and hair ties go...

Like onion chutney, furry toilet seat covers and Adam Sandler 'comedies', he somehow manages to exist but without any single compelling reason.


deepkickgirl said...

Hey, come on MM, lay off Dave Navarro. He's a very cool guy. He does do stuff - he plays guitar beautifully for Jane's Addiction and, for a brief time, for Red Hot Chili Peppers. I shook his hand when he toured with RHCP about 10 years ago and it was a wonderful moment for me. He is a weird but gorgeous man.

Unknown said...

I wonder who is the real Lindsay Lohan father ?