Monday, March 19, 2007

In the dog house?

Darling husband, Love Chunks, and a journalist I really respect have both expressed concerns about the photos I've been using on this blog.

Y'see when this little creature was first born a couple of years ago, it was with the simple intention of keeping my 'writing fitness' up in a format that allowed me to rant, mock, rave and prattle on at will, pretty much without fear or favour.

Soon, my other sordid love came to the forefront - trashy tabloid photographs of the rich and the clueless wearing catastrophic clothing choices. These pictures were eagerly 'saved as' by me from the following websites: - funny celebrity faux pas that frequently make me grateful that my budget only extends to a frenzied five minute sprint around K-Mart on a Saturday morning; - I've only used one picture from his site (Kylie Minogue, post surgical face stretch) because he scribbles all over his photos and can tend to be more nasty than amusing;,,,00.html - the US 'mother' of our inferior 'Who' magazine and a good source of celebrity pictures; - hilariously funny and scathing attacks on starlets with stylists who are even more stupid than they are; - funny captions to photos, but their standards have slipped of late; and - like People, they are a huge source of tabloidy photos without the bitchiness.

So there you go. I swear, from this day forward, that if I use any image from the above websites or any others (my daily addiction - non-chocolate, I mean - is, destined to win over even the most avid animal hater), will be to seek permission and/or write and acknowledge who owns the picture.

Truly. And I mean that from the heart of my bottom.

PS - both these photos are mine, unfortunately. The first one I took of Dogadoo, sulking in her kennel after being caught laying a Chum Cable in Sapphire's bedroom, and the second one Sapph took of me - feel free to use this one as a 'before' picture before advertising whatever improvement / face welding / fat blasting technique you like.

So if you live in Adelaide, be prepared for a slightly plumpish and slightly more than insane woman in her late thirties brandishing a camera taking photographs of everything from hoons' rubber skid marks on the local roundabout to close ups of fruchocs......

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