Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cha Cha Cha....
My mind is so used to wasting itself on idle or downright bizarre and completely pointless thoughts. Thoughts that benefit absolutely nobody, including myself, yet still spring up through the grey matter and keep me amused.

I'm an insomniac by trade, and my usual nocturnal imaginings include:

John Cusack, Jude Law, Love Chunks (not necessarily in that order); what I'd do if we won lotto; how I'd renovate the house; movies I would like to have starred in; and what parts of my body would I most like to sculpt down to a size 10 and why (so far only my earlobes escape the treatment).

If they're not pathetically banal enough, here's one that I regularly indulge in. It's almost too shameful to write about it, but I sometimes work out What I'd Eat If I Were On A Deserted Island (reasonably normal so far), If I Could Only Choose Foods That Start With One Letter Of the Alphabet. This is absolutely true. The saddest thing is, I've actually chosen a letter and felt very comfortable about it. The letter is C.

When the red cordial and smarties run out in the 'Lost' scriptwriters office, they can write this into their increasingly confusing storyline. Jack, Sawyer or Locke has to go back into the hatch and decide what foods the castaways get to eat, but only starting with the same letter. Geez, that'd stretch out the show for at least a few more episodes...!

But back to the glorious letter C. Firstly, it contains my three most favourite foods, all starting with CH - Chocolate. Cheese. Chips.

.... and let's not forget cherries, chicken, champagne, Chinese, chardonnay, cheesecake, chickpeas, chives, chop suey, chowder, chutney and chestnuts...!

It is then my mind runs out of 'ch' foods and goes for the Big C - caesar salad, cabbage (raw, not boiled into a grey, stinking, slimy cowpat), cake, cabernet sauvignon, cannelloni, calamari (or squid, to those who are more earthy), capers, capsicum, caramel, cardamon, cinnamon, carrots, cashews, celery, cereal, cider, citrus fruits, clams, club sandwiches (stretching it a bit), coconuts (hopefully fairly plentiful on a tropical island, unless I'm shunted out to the Orkneys), cocoa and cocktails. Yum, yuuuuu-huuummm!

I'm sure that there are more foods, but it's home time now and time to do something with chicken, capsicum. chives, chili, cabbage and cashews. Or maybe just dial a Chinese home delivery instead..... Or chuck up in disgust: if only this mind of mine could be put to some GOOD use!


deepkickgirl said...

A girl after my own heart, or stomach. I definitely think C is the best letter. That's the kind of deep thinking I can relate to you. Pass the chicken and chips, please!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Coke, Cherry Coke and Cappucino

Anonymous said...

HA! Like bro like sis: RR's favorite 4 Cs - Chocolate, Chip, Coke, Cricket

Kath Lockett said...

drb - are we talking eating 'cricket' the insect, or just adding it as an enjoyable activity whilst scoffing foods beginning with the letter 'c' ?