Thursday, August 04, 2005

TV - home for ACRONYMS

If you're as sad as me, you'll find yourself flipping through your weekly TV guide the day it comes with the Sunday paper, just to see if there's anything worth keeping your eyes out for on the box for the following week.

Even if you're not as sad as all that, I'm sure you'll still not fail to notice just how many acronyms there are for TV shows. Hey, even TV itself is an acronym, come to think of it. ER was one of the first ones to start it - no doubt believing that 'Emergency Room' didn't sound sexy or compelling enough.

If I flip through the guide whilst typing this, I notice that we have 'Law and Order: SVU'. No, that's not a Sports Vehicle Utility, but a 'Special Victims Unit'. In other words, it's one of those cop shows where the murder always involves a dead girl who lives a secret life; normally involving prostitution, pole dancing or a sleazy strip club. And yes, the detectives are always compelled to visit at least one of these sordid places in order to solve the crime. NCIS is another one, presumably standing for 'Non-imaginative Crime Investigation Series'.

You've also got AFL footy, the NRL Show, Late night NBC news. At the insomniac's hour of 3:00am we have JLF, but I have no idea what it stands for - Juicy Lesbian Fairies perhaps, or Judge's Liver Failure. This is then followed by USA high.

The king of ancronyms of course is the CSI franchise. We have the original CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) set in Las Vegas, and CSI: Miami and now CSI: New York. I'll start watching the day they release CSI: Port Augusta.

We've even got the movie, DOA playing on Saturday night!

To digress a bit, let's now look at numbers, shall we? They too, are now considered important enough to be a show's name. We have - 20/20, Hi-5, the 7:30 Report, The 4400 and 24.

I asked my husband last night what acronym would you choose for yourself and he immediately shot back with: "BBD. Bloody Big Donger." Hmmm well he may be a physicist and mathetician all that, but there's still a fair share of Benny Hill lurking within.

As for me, it would definitely be WACA - Worrywart And Chocolate Addict.

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