Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Signs of life in Luxembourg

"Mum, you have such a childish sense of humour," Sapphire said, as we sat on the bus on our way to Vianden castle in Luxembourg.

"Yeah, well," I sniffed, "Who was it I heard playing IN MY PANTS
*** the other night with her buddies on Skype, mmmmmm?"

She's right though. When sitting here with a coffee, some chocolate and waiting for the holiday snaps to finish downloading, I realise that when the camera was in my hands, the photos seem less scenic and more, well, silly.

Admittedly, even Sapphire laughed at these chocolate bars:

And it was she who spotted the name of this cafe:

....not that we noticed anyone having a hilarious episode in there; just two old ladies having a coffee with their pomerians squabbling at their feet.

We found out later that this guy is a writer of some note. "Poor bloke, to have that as your name," said Sapphire in sympathy.

"I am NOT going to these places to eat. Ever." Like her grandfather, my daughter is a stickler for good grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Where is Wally? Or Walter, as he's known here.

This landlord might need to work on his marketing skills. After his renovations are done of course.

This one puzzled us all. Apart from a nest full of baby birds, who on earth wants second hand food?

The bus was rounding the corner as I snapped this. "Hurry up Mum! Oh for goodness' sake, it's not that funny."
Me: "Tee Hee Ruder Wee!"

She issued a loud, overly-dramatic sigh of exhausted patience. "And you wonder why I want you to stay in the car with the windows up when you drop me off at school."

How to play 'In my pants'. Just add those magical three words at the end of pretty well every sentence for cheap laughs.

For example: ""It's been an amazing year," said Adele as she received the female artist statuette from Kylie Minogue.

...can be changed to "It's been an amazing year - in my pants"

I never said it was a mature or insightful or intellectual game!


Pandora Behr said...

What a great collection of stuff - wonderful - though not sure I could stomach big nuts chocolate... hmmm. Luxembourg has done you well - wonder what Lietchenstien will bring when you get there.

River said...

Second Hand Food and Drinks?
Would that be leftovers?
Bubble and Squeak with re-warmed tea?

"in my pants"?? Oh, Lordy! what is the world coming to.

Kath Lockett said...

You'll be relieved to hear, Pand, that we didn't buy (or stomach) any Big Nuts either.

River, 'in my pants' is a game that's been around for a while and can get rather funny if/when you're in the mood for it. .... in my pants!

Louise said...

I can't believe you left Big Nuts sitting on the shelf. Oh and you went to Vianden! Did you see the Victor Hugo museum? Ride the cable car? When we were there there was an astonishing display of old, old, old bibles. And my favourite sign in Luxembourg? A hairdressers called So different to, made me realise that you should never name a business in a non-native language.

Anji said...

I was expecting a review of the chocolate at least. I love your view of the world.

I see that you've been trying to get rid of the horrible anti robot words too. They seem to have got rid of the black and white which helps. I hope it doesn't put too many people off leaving comments

Kath Lockett said...

Louise, because it was freezing February, the cable car wasn't running and the VH museum was closed.... still loved the place though.

Anji, there was a LOT of chocolate bought, consumed and even carried back home!

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Bonjour Kath,

I am a fellow child!

That's all!




nuttynoton said...

You are certainly exploring, good pictures and strange words what more can I say apart from I have agreed to fast everything chocolate for lent!! Bring on Easter Sunday!

diane b said...

You have such a quirky view of the world and a very entertaining one.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am a tad miffed at you today. I read this before I headed off to do a shift at Lifeline. And found that I had to talk sternly to myself to avoid playing 'in my pants'. And then (poetic justice?) my next caller was a sexual fantasy caller.
Wonderful post though - thanks.

Jilly said...

My kids play In Your Pants quite often - usually to the TV guide eg "Big Bang Theory In My Pants", "Friends In My Pants", "Wipeout In My Pants", "How I Met Your Mother In My Pants" - its endless!! xx Jilly xx

Kath Lockett said...

Plas-Man, I wouldn't expect anything less of you!

(in my pants)

Nuttynoton - noooooo - no chocolate until Easter? You have my bemusement (why?) and admiration (could never be done by moi).

Thanks diane and I won't add 'in my pants' to any comment you make.

E-Child, you've made me laugh in return!

Oooh Jilly, they're clever - hadn't thought about using the TV guide!

Amanda said...

I'm a kid right there next to you,Kath. My two favourite games are 'in bed' which you add to the end of every fortune cookie, as in- you will have a successful life - in bed! The second is from a system testing jaunt up to Cairns. We all discovered the word merkin, and subsequently replaced words in movie and tv titles. I think the continued repetition adds to the hilarity, (Burke's Back Merkin was my favourite tv show.)

ropcorn said...

Love these signs! Must be pretty funny to walk around there. :p Thanks for sharing Kath.

Hannah said...

Incorrect apostrophe usage is the sign of a soul that has been sold to the devil. Sapphire is correct in choosing never to eat at those places.

Jackie K said...

That is fantastic -I have just scared my own pomeranian at my feet by snorting and guffawing at every single one of these photos.
And the IN MY PANTS game.

Thanks for the laughs - I'm still going!!

Kath Lockett said...

Amanda, you are a legend - I'm just about to head off and have some leftovers for dinner in front of the telly and you've given us the inspiration for 'merkin' and 'in bed' gags tonight!

I guess Ropcorn that most places have funny signs, but it's easier to notice them when you're somewhere unfamiliar.

Glad to hear it, Jackie K :)