Saturday, January 15, 2011

Edition Sixteen - Word Verification Explanations

Since coming back from holidays, I've been busy visiting my favourite blogs (you all know who you are) and jotting down some of the words that are required to be entered in order to leave a comment. Here in my own little mind are what some of them could mean in an alternate universe.

Nestswoo: sometimes spelled with an exclamation mark as in 'Nestswoo!', it describes the feeling of jubilance and freedom when moving in for the first time with your Main Squeeze. No annoying siblings, no condemning parents, no bludging flatmates and no shared fridges. All of the place is yours, not just the bedroom. Finally that poster of the tennis playing chick with no undies on can hang proudly above the couch.

Mulablun: The babble of a group of people talking in a language the onlooker can not understand. 'Sorry Reg, I can't hear you over the mulablun in this spice market and the mobile phone coverage is patchy at best. Damn shame I didn't take language lessons before heading over here for work."

Sninest: Visible demonstration of social hypocrisy by snorting at a colleague's choice of unfashionable clothing when bands such as The Jonas Brothers, Air Supply and Def Leppard are on your iPod playlist.

Licst: Foul and obscene requests hidden under flowery language. "Thou didst farteth after consuming a curried egg focaccia, did thou not?"
"Seekest you a lengthy journey and fornicate whilst there."

Croustes: Imposter foods. 'Croutons' that are just squares of cold toast; 'Garden Fresh' when it was wrapped a week ago in a hermetically-sealed plastic bag; 'Freshly ground' coffee beans that have been sitting in the storeroom for six months; and 'Lite' deliberately mis-spelled because it's still fattening for you.

Phosessa: A recent phenomenon due to the current trend to wear flowing scarves even in the summer months; this describes the injuries incurred when the scarf gets caught in the filing cabinet, yanking its owner back against the hard steel surface and to reality. Phosessa sufferers usually vow to never again wear an item of clothing that serves no purpose other than to be accidentally stapled or hole-punched during work hours.

Buntathe: The utterly hurtful realisation that your daughter's pet rabbit has more facebook friends than you do.


River said...

Skipper has facebook friends? Yay Skipper!

Love the bulldog clip dog!

Kath Lockett said...

Yep, Skipper has Facebook friends, the little ponce :) He tried to eat Love Chunks's fishing rod today when we put him on the outdoor table for a cuddle!

Andrew said...

Funny, you used the word in your comment that I was thinking of using to describe, especially men, who wear scarves far later than the weather warrants, ponces.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Love "mulablun" - very apt for me.

Word Verification for this comment is "dirie" - a totally boring diary with entries like: "Got up, had brakfast, lunch and tea. Then went to bed. What a day!!"




Anonymous said...

I do love scarves, in winter. I had always wondered if the longer, more flouncy summer version would get in the way. Cute though.

Hannah said...

I absolutely love your take on "sninest". I, however, think Mulablun sounds like some sort of very sugary Polish pastry...

P.S. I don't think my blog makes you enter a word, does it? Does this disqualify me from being a favourite blog? :D

drb said...

You meant 'exclamation'.

Aren't croutons just chucks of cut up cold toast?

Kath Lockett said...

Andrew I *love* the word 'ponce'. A friend of mine pronounces it 'poonce' which I love even more.

See, PlasMan, everyone can definie a word verification thingy (but I suspect that your diary, if you kept one, would be a tad more interesting than that).

Vanessa I love a good scarf too but the flouncy summery ones have got me beaten. Had to smile at two young things wearing matching scarves with their tank tops and shorts the other day.

Hannah your blog is indeed one of my favourites and I'm pretty sure I have to enter a word to comment.

You're right, Dr B - blog now amended.

Baino said...

Hahah I think my dog has more facebook friends than I do! The scarf phenomenon is very Parisian . .you're just not trendoid without one.

Hannah said...

Oh how interesting! I know my mum doesn't have to enter a word on mine, perhaps it has something to do with whether you're logged in on your own computer as a blogspot or wordpress account? Intriguing...

P.S. Thanks :D :D