Sunday, May 02, 2010

Am. Blonde. I. Dumb.

We spent a family-friendly weekend in Ballarat, mostly at Sovereign Hill, mingling with the costumed locals up and the muddy and manure-strewn Main Street.

Inevitably, the lure of coffee called out to Love Chunks and I, and Sapphire contented herself with a green tea as we sat in the New York Bakery, swatting at the half-hearted blowflies still lingering in the crisp Autumn air.

Outside was the town drunk.

Secretly, I think she enjoyed her (presumably paid) work, because she didn't have to wander around, chat to tourists or take part in a staged performance.

Life for me was also good. My neck had decided - after a night of crying and washing down panadeine caplets with several glasses of Cab Sav - to behave itself. I smiled at my favourite boy and favourite girl and noticed an old guy playing the accordian directly outside the cafe window.

He was dressed in miner's trousers and boots, a stripey long-sleeved shirt under a red vest and had a jaunty scarf knotted at his throat. His impressively bushy white-grey mutton chops were a sight to behold and his battered green Mad Hat had clearly seen a lot of wear and tear and he swayed happily in time with the music he played.

I waved at him and smiled.

He didn't wave back.

Love Chunks noticed my hurt expression and looked towards the window. "What's the matter?"

My damp index finger dabbed at my plate, seeking the last crumbs of the pecan pie. "It's nothing really. I just waved at the bloke out there on the accordian and he didn't wave back. I would have thought that he'd be a bit friendlier."

LC snorted. "Um, did it occur to you that he's using both hands to play the instrument?"

Sapphire laughed so hard the crumbs blew off my plate. "Mum you really are a bimbo, aren't you?"


Kay said...

Miss R loves Sovereign Hill. Last time we went, we got a great offer to sell her as a servant.....but I think they would have returned her and demanded a refund.

Glad to hear the neck is feeling better.

Elisabeth said...

Oh how sensitive we can be sometimes, and at other times, we would not notice a much heavier snub, which this one was not. Not by the sound pf things.

Sovereign Hill is one of my favourite places in the world. Every time an exchange student stays with us and there have been many over the years, we take them for a day, and even a night for the sound and light show at Sovereign Hill.

drb said...

Don't agree that you are a bimbo. He could have smiled and nodded... if he did see you...

River said...


I loved Sovereign Hill when we went way back in 1981. We only stayed long enough to tour the town once, ride the stagecoach and the kids each had a turn at goldpanning. Probably only about 3 hours, not nearly long enough for me, but K had to get back to his TV to see the footy. Pfft!!

Mmmm, pecan pie....I have a recipe, maybe I should make one soon.

Baino said...

Well he could have smiled or dipped his head? Not to much to ask I wouldn't have thought. I haven't been to Sovereign Hill in a long time but I remember it being one of the best reproduction museums and loved all the people dressing the part. Really nice spot. I'm glad your neck behaved!

Kath Lockett said...

He smiled and nodded at me when we walked out of the cafe and passed by him, so Love Chunks also made a comment that he was probably shor-sighted as wel...!

Pandora Behr said...

Oops. I have the role of minister for the bleeding obvious a lot of the time - I feel your pain.

Hope Sovereign Hill is still a great experience - I loved it there as a kid.

昱廷昱廷 said...

生命就像騎單車一樣,除非你停止踩踏板,否則不會掉下去。 ..................................................

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Don't worry - I am an intelligent blond person - until I do something stupid - then I become a dumb blond!!

And my cruel family love to remind with the currently in vogue word: