Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only in South Australia

We South Aussies may like erecting a church or two, murdering folk in strange and convoluted ways and pretty well ignoring Sydney and Brisbane as much as we can, but we do have some positives.

Our food and wine, in my well-travelled opinion, are second to none. The influences of our much admired Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, German, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese immigrants have been huge on our cultural life and our cuisine.

Our Central Market is awash with spices, herbs, fresh produce, pastries, breads, cheeses, coffee beans and chocolates from around the world, and the food hall is sensational. There, for less than ten bucks, you can get a huge serving of Chinese, Hong Kong BBQ, Thai, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian or Indonesian food. Fresh, spicy and hot; just the way it oughta be.

What tickles me though, is our favourite beverage. Regardless of the chilli, cumin, prawn, goat, rice, durian or shitake content, THIS was dotted around every table in the packed hall:

Geez I love Adelaide.


franzy said...

Just rub it rrriiight into that open bit there so it mixes with the blood.

"Fresh, spicy and hot; just the way it oughta be" isn't something this state understands. Kill me.

gigglewick said...

My current town of residence adds its name to the expression '-mild', a term which describes the hospitality industry's need to suck the living spice out of any dish prepared or prepare their establishment for oblivion.

One of my Adelaide-ian colleagues told me that Adelaide has a feud with Melbourne, based on the fact that Melbourne is always ignoring it. Is this true?

River said...

I used to occasionally have lunch with my daughter in that food hall. I miss those lunches. We're so busy nowadays....

Helen said...

those cartons bring back memories! We used to get drkinging yoghurt in them when we were kids. Now it comes in bottles, and it just doesn't taste the same!

Baino said...

Food hall food in Sydney is all franchise stuff, El Turko, KFC, Maccas, Midori, Sumo Salad etc. so apart from the fresh salad place I never eat in food halls. That notwithstanding, we're inundated with pretty good Thai restaurants . . .and you forgot to mention my beverage of choice . . .grown and made just a spit from Adelaide in the Barossa Valley! (Personally I'm a Dare Double Espresso girl when I don't have a Chardy in hand)

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SouthOzBloke said...

Farmer's Union is the biggest selling drink here in South Oz.
Coca Cola Amatil is a bit pissed off by that so they're getting ready to market an iced coffee.
They won't succeed though. It's like someone trying to replace Pale Ale. It's been too South Aussie for too long.