Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bloggers hurt too

Oh, I see..... so that's why Sapphire was up early, her bedroom door firmly shut and the sinister 'Burrrrip!' sound of the tape dispenser was in full flight. She was planning an April Fools' Day extravaganza at Chateau Lockett. Not a bad start - quite truthful in fact.

Hmm. I do hope that she knows that I prefer to apply this to the cheeks on my face and not the ones I spend a lot of time sitting on....? Yes, it's meant to be funny, not hurtful, though I wonder why Love Chunks' Men's Nivea didn't get a label as well.

What the...? Oh, nice one Sapph. The underside of her note assures me that 'They are clean Mum.' Is she suggesting that my writing efforts are barely the level of a pair of discarded underpants? I know that there's a special 'Anonymous' who thinks so. Could it be that Sapphire*is* 'Anonymous', or merely a young - and honest - literary critic in the making?

Wow, not a bad eyeball drawing for an eight year old. Good thing it's blue and not snot green - must be copied from one of her own or Love Chunks'. It's a bit hurtful that she so freely assumes that I'll be goofing off instead of working all damn day today, that ungrateful little....

Bless her - the above notice in her room gives you some clue as to how her busy little mind works:
No fluffy animals - this applies specifically to not having any furry toys to sleep with as they were forbidden by the doctor due to being dust catchers for her asthma. Apparently our real live dog Milly is the exception to this rule;
No messy food - she's obviously been listening to me;
No boys besides friends and family - this seems to have been in place for a few years now, and Love Chunks hopes it continues for at least another decade;
No fizzy drinks - ah yes, the 'ol Fanta on the futon and the fan incident hasn't been forgotten;
Always knock on the door before you come in - fair enough;
No touching precious crystal or china or precious objects - her Beanie Kids are soft and well out of harm's (or two year old visitors') way;
'I only have one last rule - have fun! I only have seven rules, please respect them.' Quite right.

And yet, just when I start to think we are raising a 45 year old spinster librarian trapped in an eight year old karate kid's body, we have this little tableau at the side of her bed: her long-standing favourite toys, complete with feeding, activity schedules and hand-drawn portraits. The house still reverberates with her personality and essence long after she's left for school.
My beautiful, funny, darling little girl.


theniceanonymous said...

kath, this is so funny and endearing. just luvvverly. though the sign on the door made me laugh - i thought it read 'no launching precious crystal, china or glass objects'.

Kath Lockett said...

Aw, thanks 'thenicenanonymous' - I think that 'no launching precious' things could apply too - Sapph can get a bit 'thingy' when her guitar goes out of tune or I nag her too many times to eat her fruit...

eleanor bloom said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! Of course, I was like this as a kid myself so perhaps I have a slight bias here.
I can just imagine this being my kid and writing notes back.

Re the animals and their organised care regime (isn't Elmo cute!) - I ought to post a letter from my Nanna on my blog. She wrote it while she was minding my most precious toys (when I was o/s), and this really reminded me of it.

I also have a photo somewhere which I took of my animals/toys, all lined up in rows (about 30 or 40 of them!), each 'holding' a brightly-coloured name tag.

I think Sapphire and I would get along very well...

Baino said...

Haha very sweet, the kid has a good sense of humour. My April Fools day went unmarked thanks to my little princess being in South America! She's a manic list writer as well. Good luck with the 'no boys' rule,just wait until she's 18!

River said...

That's a great eyeball picture. She's captured the look of 24/7 olympic viewing perfectly.

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