Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The seven modern wonders of the world - as if!

It's nice that the bloke who played Ghandi got to help read out the seven winners (as voted online) for the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Firstly, I didn't even know that there was an online competition, so it raises all kinds of questions (or eyebrows if you're as statistically-challenged as I am) about the validity of the votes cast. For instance did the the Rio de Janierio-ans have a glass rocking-bird executive paperweight tapping on the 'vote yes' button while us Australians couldn't be arsed?

Secondly, what do they mean by 'modern'? If the Cheops pyramid was a finalist and Petra was a winner, do we consider that the days of stoning for being an unmarried mother; having to give birth in a goat shed and tagging along with some scraggly bloke wearing sandals and a beard only happened yesterday then? That the young Christ chap was encouraging you to drop your things and follow him around the countryside without having made any accommodation or meal bookings beforehand??

Ah, who cares. If *I* had been consulted, the list would have been much cheaper to attain/visit, easier to enjoy and much, much more 'now':

1) Haighs chocolates
2) Nestle chocolate (especially their mild dark range)
3) Cadburys
4) Dove (chocolate, not the soap0
5) Lindt, darling, sweet, fabulous Lindt
6) Mars M&Ms (even though we don't get the peanut butter variety here in Oz)
7) Menz Fruchocs - heaven in a handful.


River said...

I tried the Nestle mild dark chocolate and didn't like it but I enjoy all the others with Haighs coming out a clear winner followed by Fruchocs and Maltesers. Today I bought a tiny bar of Green&Black's organic chocolate to try, it's good. Available in dark and milk varieties but only the dark in tiny sample size. Unfortunately it's expensive, so it'll be back to the cadbury's which is on special this week.

tom said...

Godiva ?? Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Ice Cream ?? Hershey's Chocolate with Almonds?? Milly Moo I think you may have missed a Few,, Belgian Chocolate Truffles,

Milly Moo said...

Tom, I only have seven I can include in my SEVEN wonders of the modern world and I'm afraid that Hershey's doesn't cut it. As for Godiva or Ben'n'Jerry's, I've never had them (don't think they're available here)

delamare said...

Mmmmm - Lindt! And I second the Green&Black's rave, especially the orange flavour

River said...

Haven't seen the Green&Black's orange flavour here in Adelaide yet, looking forward to it.

ashleigh said...

Hooray for Fruchocs. The Dark variety are even better!

And did you know you can only buy them in SA?

They are not sold in other states except by mail order!!

TOM said...

Milly, it's great just for the pictures Godiva Chocolate everyone should try them at least once...Ben & Jerry's is an Ice Cream from Vermont so that would be a bit more difficult to find in your neck of the woods!!

ashleigh said...

You'll find Ben & Jerry's in a few places not too far from home - I've seen them (ok been to them) in Hong Kong. Not in Australia though. In HK they were expensive, but what the hell, we were there and compared to the hotel bill and air fares....

You can get ice-cream just as good from Golden North.

Rosa said...

I was in Brazil back in early June, and our tour guide told us to be sure to vote for Cristo before the competition ended. Our trolley tickets up the mountain to the statue had the voting website on it, and I think I remember seeing a side of a bus printed with an ad telling people to vote.

Incidentally, none of the Brazilian chocolates I bought were that great, but I mostly sprang for the cheap stuff, not wanting to waste too many reales on unknown brands. Plus I don't speak Portuguese, so I couldn't figure out what was in any of the fancy stuff anyway.