Friday, November 02, 2012

November Knob head?

I'm an idiot.

Most likely very arrogant.

Undoubtedly vain.

And incredibly optimistic.

I've decided to have a go at National Writing Novel Month or NaNoWriMo for short.  November has been allotted for all aspiring novelists to vomit up at least 50,000 words by the end of the month.  Really it should now be called International NoWriMo because it has spread way beyond the US and has done so for a number of years now.  Never mind; I'm wasting precious time....

Word count is key: not editing or quality or re-writes or second - let alone final - drafts.  

As the (old and ageing) Princess of Procrastination, InNoWriMo (as I'm now going to refer to it) might be the only way that one of my three ideas for a novel gets done.  The one I've selected is not likely to bowl anyone over with surprise or knock 'em out with creativity or insight, but somehow seems to be the one that's been calling me over the past few weeks; begging me to give it some time and effort.  

Of course, this ridiculous challenge falls within a month of appointments, commitments already made, floors so filthy they crunch when you walk on them, Love Chunks being overseas for two weeks and thus conferring temporary Single Mother status on me and ..... Sapphire's stomach issue rearing its ugly, unwanted and undeserved head again.

The pain, exhaustion and white-faced fatigue has returned for her.  Three days off school so far and a few minutes ago she went dejectedly back to bed, knowing that unless a miraculous turnaround occurs tomorrow she won't be cooking my birthday cake or having her best buddy over to stay.

In fact, when Elmo is invited into her bed, it's clear that she's sick. Not that she'll let me show you the photo I took which would have left you with a much nicer visual image to continue your day with than the mental nightmare of me being handed a pair of sterilised rubber gloves and a syringe by the doctor in order to obtain a special 'sample' for the Zurich clinic that left both Sapphire and myself horrifed and doubled over laughing at the same time. "Good!" I gasped, "Stay that way and make it easier for me!"

Results come back next week and, until then, I have a poorly teenager and a dog who is already bearing the brunt of said teen's handiwork:

Wish us all luck....


diane b said...

Good luck with your writing and the diagnosis for Sapphire's problems. Sorry to hear it has returned.
Happy Birthday mum.

Elephant's Child said...

Of course I will wish you luck. And Sapphire. How awful for her and for you and Love Chunks.
What happens with the 50,000 words when December happens. Do we your devoted readers see it? Or does it get revised to within an inch of its life.
You are joining a quite large list of my preferred bloggers in this task. Talented persons one and all.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya for having a go...hang, you are already a published writer. Sorry to hear about Sapph. Hope it is not as bad as last time.

PS, you are such a knob head.

River said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Sapphire's trouble has returned. I hope some answers get found this time.
Kudos for trying the InNoWriMo, do we get to read what you've written?

Kirstie said...

I love the happy birthday hat!
Hope things go smoothly for you, if you want some encouragement, let me know, I'll cheer you on while I try for the 50,000 too.

Hannah said...

So much luck! Woot woot! Cheering you on from another place of cold and snow - stay warm inside and write your big generous heart out :)

MedicatedMoo said...

Thanks dianeb - she's just told me that she feels a lot better this afternoon, so maybe she's turned the corner...

Thanks too, E-Child. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the novel afterwards, but I suspect that editing and re-writing will take up December, January, February, March....

Er thanks Andrew. You're a knob head too! :)

River, I don't know if I'll let youse read it or not yet. Perhaps it's something to figure out at the end of the month.

Kirstie, Sapphire's photo cracked me up and, as you can see, Milly is all too aware of being laughed at!

Hannah, I'll do my best. Staying warm at the very least.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Bonjour Kath,

I thought about doing this tto but I am so busy at work at the moment that I really do not have time.

Good luck with it - let me read it when you have finished.

I actually know somebody who completed it. He wrote a book called "Friendly Reminders Inc." which (and I didn't know this until now - when I just looked for it on the web) can be bought on Amazon.

Bloody Hell - that's TWO mates who are published authors.


Sorry - a little self-indulgent moaning there.

Seriously - good luck - and I look forward to reading it.




Anji said...

Happy birthday!

I'm sorry to hear that Sapphire is suffering again. You're certainly getting a bigger dose of the Swiss health service than you thought you would.

Good luck with the writing, I wouldn't dare commit myself, I just know I'd dry up.

MedicatedMoo said...

Thanks Plasman - my only published book was a Dummies one, so a novel is completely new and terrifying for me...

Anji, we have indeed availed ourselves of the Swiss health system and should be awarded frequent flyer points!

Nuttynoton said...

Happy birthday, hope you "enjoyed" your day, hopefully you will get t o the bottom (excuse the pun) of her stomach problems. Good luck with the novel like your other readers would like to see it! Millie makes a good model

MedicatedMoo said...

Thanks Nutty. Milly is a very, very patient model but loathes being laughed at. Which of course happened!