Friday, October 12, 2012

Love Chunks wasn't impressed either way

Regular readers know that my dog Milly is the apple of my eye.

She's my furry secretary, squirrel-spotting walking companion and fuzzy-butted friend.  It's not too large an exaggeration to admit that I think the sun shines out of her.

But this ...... ?

Oh Milly, what have you done?

I know that you know you're in trouble because you're not making eye contact with me.

It's okay, you're a good dog and you didn't mean it. So don't get all huffy and offended now....

And remember, dear dogadoo, just because I showed this latest brocante purchase to Love Chunks and he said, "It looks like a golden turd," doesn't mean that is one.

No, it's a golden croissant!

Okay, brass. Filched from an old boulangerie wall sign and so utterly pointless I just. had. to. have. it.  Who doesn't need a gold-coloured food stuff?

So my awesome little orange dog is not to blame after all. 

Or for this:

When you've spent the best part of a week doing overdue tax returns and keep getting the 'Please call us between our business hours of 8am and 6pm' voice machines the banks switch on several different time zones away, you have to get your jollies somehow.

Thank goodness I have some soft ears to scratch, a tummy to rub and some gentle snores occurring near my feet. Love you, Milly.


Anji said...

You could say she deserves the Golden Croissant award

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Andrew said...

The unconditional love of a dog is a wonderful thing.

diane b said...

It fooled me at first. Poor Milly she wouldn't do such a thing. She sure has a comfortable bed there. Give her a tummy tickle from me and ditch the tacky croissant.

The Elephant's Child said...

There is something about soft ears to gently pull, melting brown eyes and a furry tummy that can compensate for a lot of sins. Which is just as well.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Bonjour Kath,

When I saw that first picture, I thought "Milly has the Midas touch!".

Sadly, my cats do not produce golden croissants - I won't ruin your next meal by describing it...




River said...

Poor Milly, I expect she feels a little humiliated.
I've forgotten what brocante means so I got out my dictionary and of course it isn't in there.
Nice rug.

Kath Lockett said...

Anji, Milly certainly deserves *some* kind of award!

You're absolutely right, Andrew. Even after nearly nine years I still feel so privileged to have this little creature who seems to love me just as much as I love her.

Nooooo dianeb! You mean you hate the croissant as much as Love Chunks does??

E-Child, thankfully Milly's sins are very, very few.

PlasMan, if only Milly did have the Midas touch. She's certainly got a good enough digestive system to guarantee us a very regular income.....

River, 'brocante' is the lovely French term for flea market or second hand stuff.

Hannah said...

Oh, Milly! This post makes my heart all wobbly (but in a good way), and so makes me wish I'd been able to say goodbye to Jedda.

Jackie K said...

Poor Milly - I'm sure she would never do such a thing!
But I'm afraid I can't see your gold thingy as a croissant now.

nuttynoton said...

Golden just like Milly is, an ever loyal companion and stress reliever, how could she do anything naughty!

Pandora Behr said...

Ah bless her. Love the afro shot. Lovely post. xx

drb said...

Well said Anji.

I wish eBlogger will develop a "Like" button similar to FB's.

wilbo43 said...

If, as you say, the sun shines out of Milly, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear she deposits golden dodos, or croissants, in CH.

Pet supplies Melbourne said...

I think the dog is bored in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

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Kath Lockett said...

Sorry Hannah. I remember seeing photos of your lovely Jedda on your blog. Such a beautiful little soul!

Jackie K, it still does tend to produce a small double take when visitors arrive. "Hhmmm why has Kath put a turd on top of her little French sewing desk?"

Nuttynoton, even when Milly is naughty (scaring geese through the fence at a friends' house today, or sleeping on the bed when we're out), she still gets a pat and a kiss.

Pandora, the afro shot just might become my next screensaver.

drb, that would be a terrific idea!

wilbo43, if Milly did develop the Midas touch (relating to turds), she'd certainly not be punished for being a naughty girl :)

Pet Supplies Melbourne - bored? More like 'just woken from her nap by an owner whose camera has a flash on it.'

ropcorn said...

Aww. Milly looks like way too good of a doggy to leave a surprise like that for you. Hehe. Although, it was golden - so who knows. Lol!