Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edition Eighteen - Word Verification Explanations

Trust me - these are all real words I've had to key in over the past week or so in order to comment on blogs I've visited. Their meanings are now defined for you but without pictures because Blogger is misbehaving so badly that after 21 edit attempts (three by Love Chunks) it's obvious that a cyber-spanner has been thrown into the works somewhere.

Ahem. The words, for your improved vocab, include:

Anistr - manufacturing 'Finally: a baby for Jen!' or 'Heartbreak again' headlines about a certain ex-Friends actress every time she is photographed looking pensive (usually as she's trying to remember where she parked her car)

Repie - footy food that is served lukewarm despite being in a bain-marie for three days straight. Expect to pay double the price of what your corner deli sells them for as well.

Hoosiver - The devil lurking in the vacuum cleaner that makes it impossible to suck up lint from the rug even after you've tried seven times. On the eighth attempt, the wielder of the vacuum sighs and bends down to pick up the item, only to drop it and have it cling to the surprisingly grippy wool fibres of the rug again. Hoosiver is at play.

Drapully - the gradual stretch and sag of ancient and exhausted bra straps that are still worn by someone too stubborn and miserly to buy a new pair (or too busy to do a load of washing). The effects of drapully can be felt when walking hastily along the street only to feel slightly bouncier as 'the girls' start to win the battle of the bra and jiggle more noticeably. Tightening these straps in the nearest loo only lasts until the next time you're required to walk further than a hundred metres.

Phoocans - people who never use toilet spray after their efforts; even when it's right by the flush button and the air is only semi-transparent.

Yallog - what cornflakes look like after sitting in a bowl of milk, unconsumed, for more than a minute. No longer an appetising breakfast option but a viable - and generally sturdier - alternative to cement render.


River said...

Fear not dear Kath, help is at hand.
In your "new post" window, do you upload a picture then see a paragraph of code?
That paragraph is your picture. Position your cursor thingy right at the beginning of the code, press enter a couple of times to move it down, leaving space above it to enter your text.
Or just type in your text at the beginning of the code then press enter.
Or type your text after the code to have it appear below the picture.(I find it helps to make notes of what image you've loaded so you can enter the appropriate text).
Continue until done.
When you click on "publish", those paragraphs of code will be magically transformed into your photos again.
I hope this helps.

I love Hoosiver--my vacuum does that all the time. I swear it would be quicker for me to crawl around with a wastebasket and a pair of tweezers!

Marie said...

I'm too scared of the new editor to use it properly, so I use the code directly. Much to my husband's continuing amusement. So I put in a string with (img src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/somepicture.jpg"/) with pointy brackets not round ones (comments doesn't like the pointy brackets) whenever I want a picture and then paste the URL of my picture into the right bit. So far my Flintstone method is still working.

Of course, I can't caption my pictures like he can, but I'm just so relieved that I don't have to look at scary codes and pop ups with strange numbers in them that I think it's a small price to pay. I guess I should have paid more attention in high school maths class and not spent all my time practising writing "Mrs Robert Plant" all over my algebra book, because now numbers scare me silly.

I love your list and especially laughed at Repie (brings back memories from Hindmarsh Stadium) and Drapully. Though I didn't laugh so much at the last one as I resemble it rather too much.

I hate having to have the word verification thing, but how else can you stop robot spammers and mean spirited people from commenting.

Good luck with the photos issue.

Elisabeth said...

The drapullys and the phooncans get to me here, especially the former. By the time the straps are so worm they need tightening, it's too late.

Great line up as usual, Kath. Thanks.

Hannah said...

I think this may be your best word post yet. "Anistr" made me choke on my ice cream. (Not an easy feat.)

Andrew said...

Hoosiver. I go at it about twenty times from different angles. I mean lint of course. If I eventually pick the thread up, I drop it again and it is normally successfully Hoosivered up then. Vacuum cleaner machines must be forced to do their duty.

Anji said...

And I thought I needed a new vacuum cleaner, but it was the Hoosiver all along.

Drapully; I'd like to thank you for bringing a taboo subject out into the open.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

G'Day Kath,

Love the Hoosiver definition. Presumably this is the same Hoosiver that sucks up rugs on wooden floors and refuses to let them go.

Eaten Yallog many times too - and had my mouth glued shut as a result - which many say is a GOOD thing.




Luke said...

Yallog is such a good description! I shall endevour to use it more...!

ropcorn said...

Although I don't use blogger, I do encounter Word Verification numerous times every day. And it is indeed an excellent tool which definitely could be used as a tool for learning new words...Hehe.