Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oooooh, Anonymous's Knickers are in a Knot!
Oh dearie me. The ever-so-brave 'Anonymous' (the weak-spined commenter that all bloggers love) has taken issue with my review of 'Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger.'

He or she said: Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Oh Dear, there’s a Poo in the room but no-one want...":

People will naturally have different views on the merits of this or any other film, but having seen this film I can't understand why it's offended you so much. I think David and Margaret are spot on about this film - it's very clever, it's well acted and looks beautiful.

One thing David and Margaret failed to mention that the music for this film is simply outstanding. Normally a review of a film doesn't bother me, but I must say that I found your rant on this film highly offensive. Of course you should be free to express your opinion, but to question the integrity of anyone who happens to have a different opinion than you, as you do in your rant, is totally outrageous and disgusting. David and Margaret have the right to express their opinion without it being slanderously suggested that they are only reviewing a film positively because they are on the take ("how much did they say they'd pay us for saying this nice stuff?").

You also seem to suggest that it's only David and Margaret that have reviewed the film positively (or could possibly review the film positively). This is complete rubbish. While the film hasn't been released yet and therefore hasn't been widely reviewed, if you'd bothered to do your research, you would have found a number of positive reviews from overseas (try the highly reputable Screen Daily for example). Further, the initial audience reviews (with the glaring exception of yours) from the At the Movies website are very positive.

I could pick heaps of issues with your writing on this film. How can Toni Collette be terrific at one point, yet the acting be unconvincing at another? Why should "the other guy in black" in the cinema "in the piss stained end of Hindley Street" be the authority on whether this film has reached its target audience? Why on earth would he know what kids think? And your admission that you commented loudly throughout the screening is an indictment on you, rather than the film. How can you possibly review a film with any objectivity when you're not watching it?

In short, you've provided an unbalanced rant with not a shred of credibility, rather than anything that could even loosely be termed a review. I really think you don’t know enough about film to comment in any meaningful way, so instead can only resort to a vitriolic tirade of abuse. So excuse me if I continue to place more weight on the views of David Stratton over someone who lists Sixteen Candles in their list of all time favourite films.PS I am not associated with the film and have not been paid to make these comments.

Posted by Anonymous to Blurb from the Burbs at 9:15 PM

Hmmm. I couldn't let that slide. So, I wrote:

Thank you for your comment - nay *rant* Anonymous. What a shame you won't reveal your real name.I stand proudly by my opinion that 'Hey Hey it's Esther Blueberger' was an embarrassing mound of crap that only serves to send the already-struggling Australian film industry back into the dark - no dank - ages.

Oh and 'Anonymous'? I *did* do my homework - the only reviews I've found to date were from 'aintitcool' news re the Berlin film festival, Dave and Margaret, and, just yesterday, Empire (who gave it 2 stars by the way). The point I was *trying* to make was that no South Australian publication has seen fit to publish a review. The Traumatiser has merely put in a few puff pieces about Toni Collette's tiny pole dancing scene or Daniela Catanzariti's nerves before opening night. I'm pretty sure that the positive reviews on the 'At the Movies' site are those from participants in the celluloid piece of shite itself.

Hmmm, perhaps I've offended you because you or your darlings went to the private school featured in much of the background scenes?
If you find my views offensive that's tough luck. Go surf somewhere else. And if you think that listing 'Sixteen Candles' as one of my favourite TEEN movies is a negative, then I'd gladly act out the 'Farmer Ted' role than anything in Esther any day: at least it's funny, endearing and well acted.

If the best you can say is that the music is good, then that's pretty tragic. The 'guy in black in the cinema at the piss-stained end of Hindley street' - along with the other two people present - were also REVIEWERS. Four out of four of us hated it. YOU do the math, Anonymous.

Go find yourself a life, Anonymous, for if you find this review "outrageous and disgusting" you clearly don't get out enough.After seeing 'Gallipoli' on DVD during the weekend and seeing what the SA Film Corporation has supported in the past, PooBurger made me want to weep. And it makes me angry that such crap is being shoved down our throats as 'representing the travails of teenagers', 'quirky', 'it made me laugh and cry'..... This movie is about as clever as a failed Big Brother contestant.

There. I feel better now.


Naomi said...

what is it with people that do that? It is not like someone has a gun to their head making them read your blog! I mean really if you don't like, don't read it, and if you are going to make a comment (aka rant) at least have the guts to put your name to it.

davey said...

fight! fight! fight!

Baino said...

Hahaha brilliant retort Kath! I too hate anonymous commenters although I've never had one like THAT! Usually mine are lazy buggers who can't be bothered putting in an open ID so I know who they are.Haven't seen the movie, never will! Keep yer dukes up!

(Um . . I rarely research, just rant!)

franzy said...

Don't you see?
Anonymous comments WANT you to write a whole blog post dedicated to them! If you waste more precious netspace, then they win!
Although bravo for giving them them the floor and equal time they so feel they deserve.

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks for your support guys - Anonymous just bugged the crap out of me - he/she should at least stand up and say who they are before sinking the boot in. If not, I'll keep on punching...

Deep Kick Girl said...

"Anonymous" are always spineless, attention-seeking nutbags. I used to return serve but now I just ignore them. Because you just can't win with these losers.

My point is always "if you don't like my opinion please hit the >Next Blog< button".

River said...

Having now read both rants and all comments I'm still going to see the movie but I'll wait until it's on TV, then if I don't like it I can just change channels.

ashleigh said...

Where the heck do you find your pictures????

Anonymous said...

Kath, try re-reading what you have written! You sound sooo over the top and very defensive. Your comments are tactless and unsubstantiated. It really sounds like you are trying discredit this movie for no genuine reason - as if this movie left you out or something. Are you upset because some schoolgirls got a part and you didn't or are you just slandering as loudly as possible so that you get some sort of response? Oops, this response means you win. Congratulations. Thanks for adding controversy and interest to the film. Any publicity is good publicity.

Wyn Richards said...

Films are sooo subjective, so your "rant" is truly in the spirit of blogging, ie; It's my blog and I writes what I likes. Some anonymous people still don't geddit.

I haven't seen Pooburger and I don't think I will. Anonymous will be horrified to know that Jim Schembri just tore it to shreds in The Age..


How dare he have an opinion!!!

David and Margaret are in effect advocates of the Australian film industry, which is perfectly fine, as it's an industry that sorely needs every bit of support it can get. But maybe they have rose tinted glasses on when they watch an Aussie film, and give high praise to an otherwise big steaming pile of horse shit.

I think many people forgive a film's inherent crapness for the fact that it is an Australian film. I hear a lot people say "I love Australian films!" I do to... but only the "good" ones, and I believe they are few and far between.

I thought the much hyped Jindabyne was about as entertaining and thought provoking as a 6 month holiday at Camp X-ray. It kind of put me off Aussie films for a while (though I loved The Proposition). But I'd probably be accused of being a philistine, that I "didn't get it" and the rich metaphor and contextural themes were missed by my neanderthal brain. If that is the view of many supporters of Australian cinema, then heaven help the industry. It's bums on seats that maintains the vitality of the film industry, not the satisfaction of the few high brow elitist cinemaphiles, that to the detriment of the industry, seem to have control of the current and future direction of Australian film.

River said...

Totally off subject here...had enough chocolate yet? Coles has 50% off all Easter Eggs........

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Wyn - I read about 90 comments from Schembri's blog, with only two of them disagreeing with him.

So Anonymous, still not prepared to reveal your name? Trust me, I waaay too old to be have been disappointed at missing out on a school girl part. I just name crap when I see it, that's all.

Chocolate at half price you say, River? Hmm, after going for a run this morning I could feel a few extra kilos gained from the weekend. Best I stay away from Coles and refocus my attention on reducing ham hock arms, tightening the gut and trying to be excited about meusli for breakfast. *sigh*

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